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The Importance Of The Role of Youth Against The Covid-19 Virus

5 Juni 2020   20:51 Diperbarui: 5 Juni 2020   21:24 91 5 3 Mohon Tunggu...

The spread of the SARS-CoV-19 virus as a cause of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, has caused anxiety and concern among many, in the form of loss of some of the people's livelihoods, disrupting the teaching and learning process starting from elementary school level up to tertiary institutions, the economic downturn state, until the decline in regional income.

Even though the President of the Republic of Indonesia Ir Jokowidodo has taken various strategic steps to deal with the covid 19 virus, this is where the role of young people to be more active in ensuring public health advocacy by doing cleanliness.

Young people often become civil society groups that have wide reach and potential resources to push for effective government policies, in terms of ensuring the prevention and control of Covid-19 in various regions throughout Indonesia.

To help the government in the midst of this co-19 epidemic. I as the pematangsiantar city young people and students of the Indonesian College of Accountancy and Management (STAMI) & Indonesian Business Polytechnic (PBI) Siantar City invites all young people, to always maintain the cleanliness of each.

The young people have a million capacities and the opportunity to create a clean environment in any situation, including the current health emergency situation.

"We have the speed, the toughness, the intelligence, and the network to create works that we will later distribute to these various directions. Therefore, what's wrong with making videos, infographics, posters and various writings that can inspire many people to be ready in a pandemic situation, especially in terms of keeping the environment clean, because one of the spread of the covid 19 virus, which is very easy to enter quickly into the human body is the low immunity of each of us and the second in terms of cleanliness, so let us always maintain cleanliness, both in ourselves and in our respective environments.

Not only that, we young people today, must have a great opportunity to contribute to the handling of Covid-19, both directly as volunteers and by conveying the aspirations of this handling through house to house.

In my opinion, that opportunity is one of the assets that we must optimize together so that there is no information gap between young people in one region and another.

If necessary, let us form a student organization, which will later become a strategic group that can gather the voice of the community and pass it on to policy makers in our respective regions.

Coordination and consolidation must also be carried out in several areas so that they have sufficient knowledge in taking roles in the community. The aim is to activate prevention efforts and carry out risk communication in the community.

The consolidation is expected to provide new findings regarding the implementation of policies in the regions and encourage the contribution of young people in the prevention and handling of Covid-19 in.