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Achievement Starts from Idea

15 Agustus 2020   20:29 Diperbarui: 20 Agustus 2020   21:16 42
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We all do know about one of Bung Karno's famous proverb. It said that ; "Give me 1000 old man, i will pull out Semeru until the root. Give me 10 young man, i will shake the world." This proverb is totally describing our latest condition. We, as the young generation had a Big role to stay innovative and creative through our own way. Making an achievement is not just about being seen more than the average, but it is about creating something that valuable for human kind. All of the students are the participant to make it come true.

An example as an achievement is a Copyright that belongs to students from University of Mercu Buana. This copyright belongs to their creation named "Lock Buck Food Packaging" which focusing on how to package the food safely and quickly. Then what's the relation with the proverb before? Don't we realize that everything starts from an idea until we make it become something real and then it well distributed and will open a one more slot of micro business. Starts from this kind of idea that made Bung Karno spoken that word, because he understood about young generation's potentials.

We often forget that there is a strong bonding between appreciation and achievement. We often demand achievement without giving a proper appreciation. And otherwise, less of US give appreciation without demand an achievement. The student's achievements are forbidden to under estimate in any kind of form. Let's take care of our power and spirit in our young

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