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Initiation Program As an Online Campus Facility

11 Agustus 2020   20:14 Diperbarui: 11 Agustus 2020   20:14 69
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University of Mercu Buana is a private university which well known as a high-appreciate campus for any diversity. Whether the diverse that comes from their students, numbers of campus building area also the diverse from their human resources. There will be the very first meeting to gather all and get to know each other. We usually call it as OSPEC or KAP (Student Orientation Program). This program has a purpose to present the university area also the curriculum of education, so that may give the student's convenience and enjoy the process.

KAP usually held by being present at the campus area, but this year they have to hold that plan and re-organize the agenda virtually, remembering the new normal rules. The university also keep paying their attention to this program so it went well as an online facility of the university and could give advantages for their new students. This program is like an online seminar, of course the topic is all about the university stuff. By making convenience for the new students, the university put a big hope to finally could grow a high-self-motivation also a strong goal even in this difficult times.

The command from government to nullify any activities that involved many people in a place make the university should think creatively to keep working on the routine agenda also giving the best facilities for their new students. So does with the student's, they have to adapt and get used to this whole new thing that mostly held virtually. It takes time Indeed, but we have to stay optimist in order to create balance, continuity and to keep working and make achievement in this new era.

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