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Foreign Language as A Campus Facility

2 Agustus 2020   20:59 Diperbarui: 2 Agustus 2020   21:07 4 1 0 Mohon Tunggu...
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Foreign Language as A Campus Facility

University of Mercu Buana that located in Jakarta has so much facilities to support their students. University of Mercu Buana has very various facilities, starts from the buildings until their education system. 

University of Mercu Buana provide numbers of majors that using international language for their classes. They have few classes that using English and Mandarin as their conditional language. This kind of facility only belongs to the university who has wide connection and a leading university to go international. Therefore they are preparing them self to receive new student from foreign countries.

It is now become a major to be able to communicate and learn about international language besides our own national language. Amazing enhancement of science and technology finally bring us to be more flexible and easily to build communication with our collage from various country. 

More over in university stage our society push us to be more mature, professional and thoughtful. Campus facility that using international language such as mentioned above is very useful to support their student knowledge, to build better personality that has responsibility, think critically and more effective.

Learning international language is no use for show off, but it will embrace your capability and become a valuable lesson for your life and also a valuable experience to write down on your CV when you will propose a job position. 

Having more knowledge in language often highlighted because it represent a personality who are adaptable and communicative, which are very important for professional scoop. No wonder if those student who studied international language, such in University of Mercu Buana will have more chance to work as a professional.