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No, Never Will I Regret... #my1stRamadanSeries

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No, Never Will I Regret... #my1stRamadanSeries

Salaam for All :)

This time I got inspiration from deep thinking on the B***room hahaha.. #youmightknowwhatIwasdoing
During this Ramadan 2012, I will post mostly about my way of life on my blog. If you like it then you can share my writing and if you don’t, then feel free to unfollow me :p
Ok, now I got a little confuse where should I start.. hmm…
FYI, this writing is also based on my personal experiences and discussion with people I met who have various background..
Have you ever wondered what life is and what you will do in the hereafter? Yeah, as a Moslem of course I believe in those ways (hereafter, heaven, hell, resurrection and such!). No, I’m not gonna tell you bout Islam as well, coz you’d better search by yourself. What I’m gonna write in this section is about the condition of what people think nowadays. My friend who had been enrolled in Czech University told me that Most of Czech people are Atheist. Also my Spanish friend, Antonio, whom I ever fell in love with on the account of the fact that he has tremendous good looking *to be honest :p* and also polite attitude.. I like spanish as the most from all European People hehehe... Well, we can not avoid that most people are being atheist, agnostics and live on their life by their own way ..(cliché topic actually).
In the book I read “99 Cahaya di Langit Eropa” (99 lights in Europe’s Skies –strongly recommended book! Will tell you bout this too^^-), the author wrote her experiences after living in Europe for about 3 years. Her husband friend’s is also an atheist and did not believe in God. He thought he never seen God and that’s why he can not believe it. To him, life is only in present time, no other life after death and if it was, he would see it after his death of course. That’s why he lived by his own way and obeys only the government official rules. Let me show you the conversation between the author’s husband (Rangga) and his friend (Stefan) that captured on the book..
S: “Rangga, tell me that you didn’t cheat! You didn’t drink (water) in the whole day, did you?” (Stefan broke his fast because he could not bear his thirsty and hunger even if he just followed what Rangga did that day, fasting, only for curious)
R: “Stefan, for what reason I lied? I did (fast) it not to win towards you.. Fasting is a practical way to train our honesty to ourselves. I just want to fast only for My God sight, because I do it for Him ..”
S: “So… there was no water you drank in the noon?” (Stefan still could not believe for what he had been seen, there was a person he know well who can bear in 15 hours a day for a month without food and drinks)
S: “Your religion is unrealistic! How could your religion force its followers with lots of rules? If God was
really existed, if God was Most Merciful, why the hell God forces you all (Moslems) with those difficulties?? You have to pray 5 times a day, fasting in a month, go to hajj and travel in the crowd hot sunny day as what I have seen in TV. Why should on that way?? And why do you want to do it? That’s unrealistic!”
R: “Ok Stefan, before I answer your questions, I also have a question for you.. by the way, how much do you spend for health assurance on your payment a month?”
S: “Hmm.. I should spend about 90 Euro..its pretty much..”
R: “So what for do you want to pay that much. You even seldom being hospitalized..”
S: “Hey dude, we never know what will happen in the future.. How if after went home from this café, I got accidence? At least, I can stay peaceful because there is a company that will pay my hospital fee..”
R: “That’s the point Stefan! You pay your assurance fee in order to makes you peaceful, so do I.. I analogize all what I do as a payment to my God, in order to makes me peaceful too.. we never know what will happen in hereafter, right?”
S: “Death is death. Nothing will happen. Finish..”
S: “I’m kinda hardly believe it. Well, my assurance company is really exist, I made contract with them. And now how about your God? How if He was never existed? In spite of you already done all your rituals like this (praying, fasting, hajj, etc.) and those all were.... non-sense..”
R: “If it was…if God was not existed… nothing to lose.. at least, I didn’t lose anything in this world. And I have got my peaceful, healing my heart and happy feeling which drives me live on my life better, peaceful, full of happiness and no worries. I don’t want to regret in my my future old days if I lived in nothingness.. That’s all..”
Comparing to me, I lived by Islam as way and it is very different from the freedom as what most people thinks! Never mind, to me it is also a freedom. I wear hijaab, pray 5 times a day, same as what all millions good Moslems do all over the world, fast in the whole month of Ramadan, etc. For most people who never seen what I do in my daily, maybe these stuffs are very tough. Not at all, to be honest dear J. Alhamdulillaah…
And even if you ask me about these questions (same questions in the book):
1.How if God was really never existed?
2. How if other Religions were the right way to live on? (cz we all never know what will happen unless after we died, right?)
I will answer ONLY once : No, never will I regretJ
Hadzaa shirotul mustaqiiim
This is the right path =)
Guide us to the straight path... The path of those upon whom You have bestowed favor, not of those who have evoked [Your] anger or of those who are astray...