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Doing Business While Studying? Why Not

12 Juni 2022   01:52 Diperbarui: 12 Juni 2022   02:03 139
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Nazwa while in campus activities. Source: Personal

Doing business while studying? maybe it sounds a bit inconvenient because as we know students have a myriad of activities, assignments, and various things that need to be done while in college. But doing business is not an impossible thing to do for students who have a myriad of college activities. As done by one of the students from a private university in the city of Bogor, namely, Aisyah Nazwa who has started the business Salad Buah in class 3 of high school until now she is in the 6th semester of college. 

Aisyah Nazwa or often called Nazwa admits that doing business is one of the things she likes, even with this business she can earn a turnover of millions every month. With this income, she can fulfill her daily needs, and even help her parents pay for his college expenses. Nazwa, an Agribusiness student, markets her products directly through bazaars held on his campus or online via Instagram @saladnazwa and her personal WhatsApp. Her motivation for opening this business is because many people around her like Salad Buah "business salad buah because people around who have tried salad buah like it and recommend selling it," she added. 

Nazwa when making an order. Source: Personal
Nazwa when making an order. Source: Personal

Apart from being busy with lectures and business, Nazwa is also active in the Student Association in her department, she has a position as Treasurer and in the Spiritual Field at the Association. Then with his busy schedule, how can she divide her time with her business? Nazwa uses her free time on the weekends to make Salad Buah "a free time for open pre-order in college holidays because salad buah has to be fresh so it has to be made suddenly, it can't be stock that can be stored for a long time". 

Then Nazwa gave tips for students who want to start a business, namely, in doing business takes readiness and willingness to start a business. 

Anyone can start a business as long as there is a will and effort. Because starting a business is not easy, so you need preparation and a willingness to try.

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