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The Song Lyrics for You

1 Desember 2022   20:57 Diperbarui: 1 Desember 2022   21:09 170
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Hi I'm Lucy. A student at Alexandria Technical High School, majoring in Music. And this is my best friend since childhood, Kyle. We have been friends for a long time, and our houses are close. Kyle and I have always been in the same class since elementary school until now. Kyle and I have the same hobby, that is music. Kyle is a great singer, he has a sweet, beautiful voice and yes, he's a bit handsome in my opinion. That's why I call him "Kyle the Perfect" hahaha. But unfortunately, his family rejected his hobby, because according to his family singing was just a waste of time. That's why Kyle always practiced singing together at my house. It's because of Kyle that I like music too, but to be like Kyle seems impossible to me. Finally, I decided to just play a musical instrument, the acoustic guitar.

When I was in middle school, Kyle and I were chosen to entertain at a school farewell party. We were surprised because we had never played music in a public space before, let alone at a memorable event like this. At first, we were hesitant but finally we agreed, because we were sure we wouldn't be able to run fast if we didn't start slowly.

And when I got home from school, I got a message from Kyle that we were going to practice in the school's music room, so we ended up practicing seriously. As I said Kyle is a great singer, he can compose his own songs. But for this song I got a special opportunity from Kyle to make the lyrics, I'm very happy. As soon as I saw Kyle doing it in earnest, I didn't want to lose to him. I make guitar melodies the best I can. I can't believe Kyle and I have been practicing until late at night. Finally, we decided to end it and hurry home, but I got one thing that is unique here. Turns out Kyle is a coward hahaha. We walked down the dark alley. I just realized that the person I admire "Kyle the Perfect" also has a weakness, which is a coward... so where is Kyle now? Yes, he was behind me holding my hand tightly while walking scared, you must see the look on his face if you want to laugh all day.

Finally, the long-awaited day arrived. Kyle and I appeared together at the farewell, all eyes on us. The high notes and the melody are intertwined, the fingers continue to pluck the strings and the vocals are getting shrill. Applause thundered in the hall, and we got lots of flowers. Since then, I decided to continue to play music with Kyle.

I got a recommendation for my favorite high school from my parents, but I turned it down and chose to go to another school with Kyle. In high school, Kyle and I joined a music club. I learned a lot from him about the new science of music. There are so many great people here, especially the one that really stands out is Mia. She is the chairman of the choir club. Mia is very talented, almost all the songs she sings feel perfect when she sings them, I feel a lot of respect for her.

During recess I met Mia in the school canteen. At first, I looked away because I was embarrassed, but instead she greeted me first. As we walked back to class, Mia said a lot of interesting things about music. Even after school she invites me to practice music together, and I'm very happy that Mia isn't as arrogant as she seems. In the music room, I asked Mia to teach me to sing. But suddenly Kyle came, and I was so embarrassed that my voice was so bad. Finally, the three of us practiced together, me with my guitar while Mia and Kyle sang, I'm so grateful to have such a special friend like the two of them, I hope the three of us will continue to be happy on this musical path.

A few days later I received information that there would be a music festival at the school. I'm so happy that we can finally perform together again, but here Kyle doesn't invite me to practice like he usually does. After school without thinking I immediately rushed to the music room, and it turned out that Kyle and Mia were already singing. In Kyle's hands I looked like I saw the music festival poster, but there Kyle immediately hid it behind his body.

I think today is very strange, it's not like they usually change their attitude. Like something was hidden from me. When I was about to go home, I forgot if there was anything left in class. When I was about to take my things in class, I saw Kyle and Mia were chatting in the locker room together. I don't think they are that close, but what I see is that they both act like people who are already dating. I hear one thing that hurts from Kyle, which is that he really likes Mia. From there I started running towards the classroom to pick up my stuff that was left behind while crying, my heart is mixed and can't think positively. My heart keeps blaming myself, am I taking this wrong path? Am I wrong for liking Kyle? Am I wrong to have a friend like Mia?

The day of the festival arrived, I tried to go to the place where the event was held, I also saw who would be performing today. And how surprised I was when I saw the list of students who were written to appear, it turned out that there was only Kyle and Mia... Without me. I cried and immediately walked away. Until the show almost started, I had not met Kyle and Mia. Until it's time for them to sing together, my heart hurts so much that I keep wondering if Kyle doesn't remember me anymore? While he was busy singing along with Mia with the song that I wrote in middle school for us...

For Kyle, I still remember the chorus from my lyrics,

I want to be a knowledge so you can think about it,

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