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The Disappearance of The Nation's Cultural Actualization

20 Februari 2020   03:31 Diperbarui: 20 Februari 2020   03:57 11 1 1 Mohon Tunggu...

The culture is taken from language of sanskerta, namely "Buddahayah" which means the plural form the word of buddhi (mind or reason) which is interpreted as a matter that has a connection with the mind, and the human mind itself. 

The word of Culture which comes from the word laton colere which means to work or process and the word culture is often also interpreted as culture. The definition culture is a way of life that develops, and is shared by each group of people who will be passed down from generation to generation which this culture will be formed including religious and political systems, customs, tools, languages, buildings, clothing, and as well as works of art .

According to experts, Andreas Eppink said that culture are the whole understanding of social values, social norms of science and overall social structures. Religious, and others. Meanwhile, according to Edward Burnett Tylor, said that culture is a complex whole, which contains are knowledge, beliefs, artistry, morals, law, customs, and other abilities that must be obtained by someone as a member of society.

In the current of era globalization, as if the culture of the nation itself, namely the Indonesian nation, is decrees, it can even be said that the actualization of our nation's culture has been lost, roughly, what is the basis for the loss of actualization of our culture? Seen from the people of Indonesia it has been said that high-level consumptive society, in the sense of a consumptive society, is a society that tends to follow trends that they find attractive.

According to Setiaji (1995) consumptive behavior is the tendency of someone to behave excessively in buying something or buy unplanned as a result they spend their money blindly and irrationally, which with this assumption is a symbol of idiosyncrasy that is the condition of Indonesian people who tend to behave in a consumptive manner thus eliminating culture which has become the nation's character in the sense of culture is no longer known or is not actualized in everyday life.

Here, I will give examples of Indonesian culture whose existence has disappeared practically these are:

1. Cultural mutual cooperation.

The culture of mutual cooperation is also a local wisdom that can concern the welfare of the community in an area. In the days before 4.0, this mutual cooperation culture was still strongly embedded in the community, especially those living in rural areas. Villagers are used to doing activities together, patrolling each day to maintain security together. There is also mutual cooperation to clean the roads and slugs which are usually held every week. The question is, is there still a mutual cooperation in your village?

2. How to make coffee using mortar.

In the past, coffee powder was made using mortar, aka made in a traditional way in the sense that it still uses human power, but with the changing times, coffee powder was made using machine power so that this culture was not actualized in daily life as if this culture had disappeared.

3. Culture of discussion for students.

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