"Majority and Democracy"

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(Written by: Rivandita Rully Kafasaskya. Undergraduate Student in The Department of International Relations. University Of Mataram, Indonesia. 2017)

Nowadays, democracy is known as the most used government type in the world due to be considered as the best form of government compared to other forms of government.

According to me, democracy is about equality. The right equality to determine things in a country where a majority decision is considered as the best decision. Do a majority decision be considered as the best decision for a country? It is not always like that. Heads of government or elected parliamentarians who are chosen by the majority vote, do they able to role their duties in the best place? It is also not always like that. Will the rules that is born by the referendum give benefit to everyone without exceptional? It is not always like that. And there are many more other cases.

"From the people by the people and to the people", democracy is how people decide. But it is not only about that, moreover, it should be noted that democracy is more about how government are able to perform their duties properly. Although the people have a role, ultimately government takes greater role. Hence,  the government's awareness of their duties are needed.

However, with all the opinios that I have expressed above, I still consider that democracy  is the best form of government of other forms of government that exist in the world today. Indeed, no one can guarantee that the major voice can be the best decision, but at least everyone has the same right to make choices and to convey his aspirations.

The point is that democracy will be the most effective government if everyone can use it in the best way to gain mutual benefit. It is not only for the benefit of certain groups only. With all rights granted to the people, it should be able to create a country better.

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