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The Advantages and Disadvantages in Homeschooling

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The Advantages and Disadvantages in Homeschooling

Homeschooling is an alternative education model, which parents choose to be responsible for their children's education by using the house as a place to do their teaching and learning activities. There are several advantages and disadvantages in choosing homeschooling as an alternative method of education.

The advantage:
1. Parents and children can determine the time and duration of learning. This is very beneficial for children who have so many activities, also parents can also determine their own topics and learning styles according to their children's interests, abilities and learning styles. Therefore, children can develop their talents according to their desire, passion and abilities.
2. Most formal schools maintain the schedule for students from morning until afternoon. Meanwhile homeschooling let the students to managing the study time flexibly, so the children can get a longer rest time.
3. Avoiding children from bullying. Children who are homeschooling no longer have to deal with peer pressure or experience bullying so the child will grow happier and more confident personally. Because bullying to children has the potential to affect their mental health from an early age.

The disadvantage:
1. Children who choose homeschooling usually have a less extensive social life, so they have difficulty interacting with peers from the various social statuses.
2. There is no standardized curriculum yet. Homeschooling teachers have to work harder to equalize material so that children can take grade promotion exams. Some also end up following the formal school curriculum, which can be ineffective at home.
3. Weak Competitiveness and Fighting. Continuing from the first shortage of homeschooling, because children are accustomed to doing everything by themselves, children tend not to have competitiveness and struggle in learning.
So, those are the advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling that parents need to know. It is better if  homeschooling can be a solution for children who have serious illnesses or have disabilities. Unless, homeschooling is the best way to be taken to seize the education.

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