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Diverse of Education in Life

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Diverse of Education in Life

Education is an obligation that must be done by someone in their life. By taking a higher education, it also means having a very broad scope of insight. Many people are competing to get a proper and good education so that later they can become someone who is respected and requires expertise. However, to achieve higher education also has many struggles. Not only being adhered to by money, but desire and intention must also take precedence. Because the higher and more secure an education, the increase in spending will also occur. That reason is what makes the education system sometimes not used equally by all people.

Education in Indonesia is very diverse, one of which is zoning. There are so many schools that implement this. Judging from the proximity of the house to the school, it makes students whose houses are located far from the school they want to have little hope of being able to enter. Even though this system is implemented, there are many pros and cons from society where it is not given opportunities for students who really want to enter the school from the start.

Another example is the scholarship system. There are so many people who are competing to get scholarships, but this system also sometimes makes children who are smart but whose economies are less supportive don't get this opportunity. Many scholarships are offered in every school, both religious scholarships, Bidikmisi scholarships, to achievement scholarships. The selection process was not carried out arbitrarily, but was thoroughly filtered. Both private and public schools must implement this system

There are many negative and positive impacts that arise in the education system in Indonesia. Coupled with the arrival of the current 19 virus, it seems that all activities will change. The positive impact that occurs is that it can show how efforts or an unyielding attitude and discipline are applied here, students who really want to get a good education will try their hardest to make it happen according to their wishes. In contrast to the negative impacts that occur, for example the lack of participation from the government to develop education in remote villages, so not all people have received education as a whole. That is why the education system is not evenly distributed throughout Indonesia.

But something else happened when Covid19 came to Indonesia, namely that all teaching and learning activities were carried out online. There are so many obstacles that occur in this process. Because covid19 came, direct meetings were avoided and switched to meeting remotely. The problem that often occurs is the signal, how long distance schools need a good signal to connect with friends / teachers who teach. It is also different from the problems for students who do not have laptops or cellphones so they should have them. The positive impact is certainly also shown here, namely that all work or assignments become very practical and work time becomes very flexible.

A lot has happened in the current era, the education system which often fluctuates and forces the government to intervene. Even so back to ourselves how we put it into our own lives.