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Achieving the Greater Us, for the Greater Indonesia

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Sing aloud, “We are we are, youth of the nation!”. The repeating chorus of P.O.D.’s 2001 song reminds us that we, the youths, are the part of our nation’s future. Moreover, as university student, or more specifically undergraduate student, we can contribute more to our nation, Indonesia. As the “lucky” educated society, we can bring the more advanced technology and system plans that can support our nation. Lucky, since the participation number of higher education in Indonesia is only 18% (Kompas, 2009). Given this opportunity, we have no other choice to work harder and smarter to be greater, the greater us can lead to the greater Indonesia.

To be a greater person is not an easy thing to do. Be a greater person means that there are positive increases in our life, both in our skill or knowledge and in our emotional side or self concept. There are three basic skills to be greater; technical skill, human relation skill, and managerial skill. Thus, the emotional sides keep us not to be stressed and be happy with our life.

The first skill, technical skill, is the ones we get from our study. Depending on the major and the interest, the technical skills vary from one person to another. We can develop this skill by studying and researching in our field of study, or doing relevant projects. The important thing is to keep our academic curiosity, so we can keep our perseverance to solve a problem.

The human relation skill counts our attitude to other people; as a friend, as a partner, as a student, as a daughter or son. Having many activities with our friends and joining organization can be good for this skill. By improving this skill, our network is widened too, because by meeting new people and develop positive attitudes, people know us with good impression.

In managerial skill, we learn to think wholly, making strategic plans, and managing things and people. Time management is also the part of managerial skill. The rule is, how we can transform the resources we have into a system so that our goal can be accomplished. As well as improving human relation skill, joining organization is a best way to develop our managerial skill. In organization, we are faced by problems that have to be solved; usually involving more people and more things than academic problems.

But, the most important thing is that we have good emotional side and self concept. To be greater in this side, we have to listen to our heart: distinguish the right from wrong, good and bad, and having the integrity of doing the right things. Also, we have to take into account the feelings of others before we make a decision. The best way to improve this side is by having reflections and by thinking before doing. Having close friends is also a good way to keep our emotional side healthy. Additionally, volunteering in social projects is also great.

There is no time for us to wait, when we will be greater. With the right plan, as time goes by, we are greater and greater. From now on, do the things to be greater. Because, the greater us, the greater Indonesia could be.

taken from my blog. This essay is written for preliminary selection of Accenture Journey 2012.