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Wali Songo and KH Abdurrahman Wahid

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Walisongo - Muslim communities in Indonesia may already be familiar with walisongo. Wali means representative or according to Islamic religion has the term waliyullah that is the wali Allah / friend of God. Whereas Songo means nine. So overall it means the nine saints of Allah.As we know, Walisongo is famous as a propagator of Islam in the 14th century in the land of Java. They live on the northern coast of Java, namely East Java, Central Java and West Java. They preached in the archipelago by inviting people to convert to Islam without coercion.

During their da'wah they have their respective territories and leave evidence of their role in the spread of Islam in this country. The nine saints of Allah are dubbed as Sunan because they have contributed to Islam.the name of sunan: sunan Gresik,sunan Ampel,sunan giri ,sunan Bonang ,Subang Drajat, sunan Kalijaga ,sunan Kudus ,sunan gunung jati ,sunan Muria .

B.KH.abdurrahman Wahid

Abdurrahman Wahid was born on the 4th day and 8th month of the Islamic calendar in 1940 in Denanyar Jombang, East Java, from Wahid Hasyim and Solichah. There is a belief that he was born on 4 August, but the calendar used to mark his birthday is an Islamic calendar which means he was born on 4 Sya'ban 1359 Hijri, the same as 7 September 1940.

He was born with the name Abdurrahman Addakhil. "Addakhil" means "the Conqueror". The word "Addakhil" was not sufficiently known and was renamed "Wahid", and later better known as Gus Dur. "Gus" is a typical pesantren's vocation to a kiai's child which means "brother" or "mas".