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Explore Your Inner-Artistic Side at President University Art Club Communities!

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One of the main reasons why students at President University never lose their cool is because they are highly active in the art communities! We as human beings are naturally artistic creatures who love to conceive artistic creations. As we all know that art is extremely important in our daily life and participating in art activities is definitely more worthwhile than binge watching Keeping up with the Kardashians at home. 

President University offers an official student activity club that has existed for some time and it is recognized by the President University Student Union (PUSU) in the Club Award Decree that is held annually by PUSU. While Every group that want to establish a Club will do presentation in front of PUSU Board, if the proposal is accepted, the group will be granted the status as 'Community' and will gain several rights. Community performance will be assessed by PUSU in Communication Forum for two years. If they meet the qualification, their status will be changed into Club through Club Award Decree. 

If you are thinking of enrolling yourself at President University, here are the lists of existing Art Clubs and Communities at President University under Supervision of PUSU.


President University Dance Movement or well known as PRIME is a community that was established in 2011. This community activity is learning to dance. There are 4 sub dances that exist in PRIME such as Break Dance (Bboy), Ballroom, Modern Dance, and Tango. PRIME schedule for practice is depending on sub dance. Here is usually where the edgy and cool kids usually hang out. Think you got what it takes to dance?


Do you enjoy movie making? Premiere not only provides that but it also includes how to be a good script-writer, cameraman, director, actor/actress and also make-up artist.

3. Music Community 

If you're into music, love performing and playing musical instruments this music community is definitely for you! The music club has been officialized by President University which concerns art activities in music. The Music Community accommodates all the students who are interested in music such as singing and playing an instrument. Moreover, the Music Community also enhances their organizational skill.


If you have a passion for photography and are interested in exploring and developing your skills potential deeper, Shutter Photography is a place for President University students who are interested in photography.

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