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President University in Creating Multicultural Virtual Webinar Series that Works!

8 November 2021   18:36 Diperbarui: 8 November 2021   18:40 101 0 0
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Being one of the best Universities (Accredited A) in Indonesia, President University is no stranger when it comes to hosting successful events and virtual webinars. The school itself is well-known for its strong international learning and research environment. The lectures at President University are carried out in English and the number of international students at President University is one of the highest among all universities across Indonesia. 

There are many benefits to joining a webinar for students. This is a further stage of the seminar. In fact, the way it works is the same as the seminar itself, where it involves many people attending, and there is one or more resource persons who are the speakers. Many people are enthusiastic about this webinar, especially students. Why? Because basically there is a lot of new knowledge that can be obtained. Want to know what are the benefits of joining the webinar for these students? Here's more:

The webinars hosted are aimed to establish an education system with a high standard of excellence. Most of the Webinars run by students with various media partners and speakers. Thus strengthening and encouraging students to be self-developed to become creative, innovative and strong broad-minded future leaders. 

1. Help Students Prepare for the Future Well

The benefit of joining the webinar for first-time students is that it helps them to plan for the future well. The reason is, like it or not, the future is a reality that these students have to go through. With clear descriptions and explanations from experienced sources, of course this will make them better able to prepare themselves well. By enrolling at President University, you don't just gain new insights from the webinars. But, you will also get a strategic, productive study location, and make it easy to develop yourself well. E-Learning facilities are also available so that you can become a superior and outstanding student.

2. New Insights

One of the benefits of participating in a webinar for students that is generally known is that it adds new insights. You will be able to feel it for yourself when you attend the webinar in person. Where what is expressed by the source will not be found in any sources. Everything is usually pure knowledge that comes from the experience of the relevant resource persons.

3. Ask and Interact Directly with the Experts

Third, in the benefits of joining this webinar for students, you will also be able to ask questions and interact directly with experts. No need to be embarrassed or anything like that. You can directly ask the experts. So there's nothing to worry about anymore. The speakers will provide answers from their point of view that can open your mind. This trained and encouraged students at President University to be proactive individual learners.

4. Pushes Students to Step Out of Their Comfort Zone

The benefit of joining the webinar for students is that it helps them get out of their comfort zone. There are so many young people who still can't get out of their comfort zone. Of course this is something very important. By getting out of their comfort zone they will be able to develop well.

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