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Get to Know Titus The Cinematography Expert at President University

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As a current Communications student at President University, Titus Kenas B. Prakosa is both diligent in his studies and very committed to the job desks and profession he's involved with. 

He is well-known to be a hard working and practical person who is highly active on Campus. As we know, President University is one of the best private universities in Indonesia (accredited A). President University offers a strong international learning and research environment. 

The lectures at President University are carried out in English. The number of international students at President University is one of the highest among all universities across Indonesia. President University is located in one of the largest industrial estates in Southeast Asia (Jababeka Industrial Estate) where various companies from many countries establish and run their business. 

Titus started off by joining organizations such as PUMA (President University Major Association) in 2020 in the field of Creative Design & Thinking. Growing up, Titus Kenas B. Prakosa has always been fascinated by photography and filmography as he dreamt of having his own Studio for photography and to work for the National Geographic. 

Prior to joining PUMA, Titus has always been the creative one and he has gained a lot of achievements in his earlier years. Titus is great at working under pressure and that proves also he is great at working as a team which he proves at every organization that he joined. 

Titus Kenas B. Prakosa who was born on the 3rd of December, 2001, Bekasi was raised by Catholic Javanese-Indonesian parents. Titus began his mid education at SMP Jaya Suti Abadi from 2014-2017. 

Throughout these years Titus is actively involved in the student council committees. Also, Titus was the Head President for the Boy Scouts at Pratama Putra School where he joined the Stick Marching Dexterity Competition and played the roles of Danton or the Strict Commander. 

Titus later continued his High School Education at SMA Taruna Pelita Nusantara from 2017-2018 where his highlight is when he joined Model United Nation at Singapore International School which gained him an award for having the best resolution. Titus finished off his High School Education years at SMA Katolik Santa Maria Monica 2018-2020. His highlights during his last years of high school was achieving the third ranking at an English Debate Competition around JABODETABEK at SMAN 2 Tambun Selatan. 

Titus early experiences started of when he joined the 2019 SMA TARUNA PELITA NUSANTARA as a Vice project Manager where is in charge of supervising the MPLS Event, creating the agency for the event, maintain the relationships between the executive committees as well as the relationships between students and teacher. 

As creative as he is Titus also volunteered to design the yearbook for SMA Santa Maria Monica in 2020 where he is responsible to come up with a design and contents for each cover. Moreover, Titus also volunteered to be the photographer for this event where he later on created a mini gaduation clip. 

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