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Don't You Dare to Dream!

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Don't You Dare to Dream!
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"What is your dream?"

That question appears very often mostly for kids. Then they will answer:

"My dream is to be a ...."

There is nothing wrong with the conversation. But here, I ask you this question:

"What does actually 'dream' mean?"

Before we go to the meaning from several trustworthy dictionaries, I will try to interpret it personally.

When I heard the word 'dream', I directly go to a picture of something that we can't achieve. Something that only exists in our fantasy. We want 'that' so damn much, but nothing we can do to obtain it. At the end it will settle only in our heart, then, at some time in the future we will say:

"I ever wanted to be ... but now ...."

Yes, that is what we call as a dream.

Another interpretation, the word 'dream' literally means mimpi in Indonesian. We know when we're dreaming, we wake up, then everything ends, stopping right there. There is nothing we can do next.

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