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Men's Fashion Week 2016 Review

31 Januari 2017   08:18 Diperbarui: 31 Januari 2017   08:18 127 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...

Runway of Men's Fashion Week 2016

Another year, another show in the fashion industry within this country. Plaza Indonesia came back to give some shows for fashion enthusiast, especially men who put special concern for this industry and segmentation to witness the Fall/Winter Collection of several selected and chosen prominent designer for men in Indonesia. This event was conducted on 21st of September 2016 at The Warehouse, Level 5 of Plaza Indonesia. Aimed to give a perspective in objectiveness of men's issue for Fall/Winter 2016 season as the main theme. There were several selected and chosen Indonesian designer specially gave their collection for Men, subjectively influence and get the attendees witnessed the sense of 2016 fashion trend in men.

The event was successfully ran by the Event Organizer, including Plaza Indonesia who provided the place. If I compare the last 2015 Men's Fashion Week, this year was not as good as what the last year provided. Speaking to the flow system that participants who got invited to the event, was actually not being separated to those who didn't get invited, the same line and also the registration place were not properly provided, until all the people who came and went to both side of lines didn't even notice the separation.

Other bad  part of this event that needs to be justified the next year was the two floor systems. The first floor that was intentionally put as the main gate of this fashion week venue, had become unsuccessfully crowded by the people who waited the next show to come, well thanks to the security and other committees who guided all the way to the upstairs from the escalator, so then people wouldn't have the chances to come upstairs in its preparation before the show, yet worst to have for all the attendees. The event organizer should figure out other guests flow system into (at least) one proper way that will never affect the crowdedness.

So far, 8 thumbs up for the provided Food & Beverages. Unstoppable beverages as they served for wines and liquors were specially provided for the guest at the public lounge, so then people didn't ironically get caught by the thirst and bad vibes of crowdedness.

Now, let's talk about the event content and programs.

As I mentioned it earlier, some of Indonesian prominent designers for men fashion contributed to give their collection for F/W2016 men's issue theme. The first line that caught my eyes for the collection was Rama Dauhan and his hype and edgy stuffs within the rolled-eyes collection. Followed by other special designers who put and give their collection on the next shows and days until 24th of September 2016.

Feby Haniv, also gave her collection for men's issue to this fashion week. The designers had successfully mesmerized all the attendees who witnessed the fascinating collections, proved by sense of their own style they all wore to the event. I saw all the attendees had worn hype and edgy outfit as properly being showed up by the collection on every show in this fashion week. Of course they would notice and definitely put their style for the outfit to be settled up with the current trends, as they were all the fashion enthusiast people.

So herewith I attached my look a the outfit when I went to this fashion week.

I did style my own sense of current fashion issue by wearing a colorful outer to cover the long-sleeve water-blue t-shirt, combined with the same color of my sox that looks stand out with the matched-grey color for the trouser. Brought the same tone of color for my Burberry bag that fits with the outfit tone indeed.

So, let's see, witness, and review the next fashion week.