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Sempu-Batu-Jahe 2014

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Dec 27 2014 at 05:20pm until Jan 03 2015 at 10:45pm


Jelajahi setiap lembar ‘halaman’ dunia negeri berjuluk “zamrud khatulistiwa”


Hey Journer.. I've traveled for 8 days with a small backpack... seems I wasn’t taking a trek in mountain, however I came to Malang in Dec, as that is my only long vacation time. No serious trekking, just sightseeing, beaching, watching fireworks, flower spotting, markets, and culture.

I haven’t been posting a journey often, or consistently, and for that, I apologize it hasn’t been for lack of journey-i have a ton! I’m really overwhelmed with how many I want to post , so I don’t post any. Does this happen to anyone else??? Anyway, thanks for staying with me! for now, here is the story of my trip “a journey to Malang”


DAY 1 (Sat - Dec 27 2014)

  • Jakarta – Malang by Majapahit/132 (05.20pm – 09.30 à 17 hours)
  • Stay on Majapahit overnight


In the morning, I read regulation to make sure that i will not get any truanting punishments :D.

In the afternoon I took a picture "things to bring"-reen’s collections.

18 Desember 2015