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An Open Letter to My Future Wife

3 Juli 2022   20:43 Diperbarui: 3 Juli 2022   21:04 179 10 3
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Hello dear...

With this letter, allow me to greet you with love and then tell you about my journey so far. God hasn't brought us together yet, but I believe that you're still fine there.

Maybe waiting for my presence and waiting for the moment, where you smile loosely and feel relieved that I am the one. I am the from every prayer that you often say. I am the prince with the white horse that you crave.

I'm sure you will be shocked when you read this message. Maybe it's the same with me who feels grateful and happy that you are the one. You are the one who turns out to be the most appropriate and compatible to accompany my journey, my struggle, my goals, my dreams. You are the queen I crave for.

Listen baby, I really believe that soul mates do exist. Him will complete and be a reflection of our identity. Only through a true mate can we look in the mirror and see our true selves, because we know that a mate is a reflection of ourselves.

So don't ever get tired to upgrade yourself up dear. I believe that God chose you for me because you are a great person. Keep going, keep growing, don't forget your dreams, remember your goals.

My journey here is also not easy dear. I feel that I am still not enough, still not satisfied, even I need to forge myself harder, so that later I can truly deserve and deserve to be side by side with you.

Darling, did you know that I took the road less traveled by? If only I were to tell what my goals are to the people around me, maybe they wouldn't believe it, find it impossible or even think I'm crazy.

But because of that madness I have strength and advantages above average. Because if others feel the need to flock to a destination, then I just need to believe in my heart and intuition that I can get through it alone.

You also don't have to worry about me if I'm currently walking alone. For the Lion is still a Lion even though he is alone and a Sheep is still a Sheep even though he forms many packs.

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