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Karakteristik Guru dan Murid yang Baik

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Characteristics of Good Teacher and Good Student

A. Good teachers are:

1. They that have great interest to the subject they teach.

This means that teachers are supposed to love their subjects so that they can teach with spirits in their hearts. Students may love their teacher if the teacher loves his/her own subject.

2. They that have patience, familiarity and sensitivity which are needed to foster the spirit of learning.

Patience      ; is a condition where teachers must control their emotions if there is a problem with the students.

Familiarity ; is a condition where teachers must be very close to the students. This will make the students feel safe and comfortable around their teacher.

Sensitivity ; is a condition where teachers must connect their minds with the students' minds to understand their feelings.

3. They that have imaginative and practical thinking to give explanations to their students.

Without these, your students will be boring in no time to what you are talking about in class.  Imaginative thinking is a process to create different situations or different circumstances to make learning process more interesting (e.g. debate, dialogue, discussions). While practical thinking is a process to make a decision in class (e.g. if your method of teaching does not work, then use another method; if the new method does not work too, then use another one; if all methods do not work, then revise your strategy to face the students).

That's why it is important for teachers to have a practical thinking. It helps them to make decisions as quick as possible.

4. They that have an open attitude and an open mind.

An open attitude means that a teacher must open himself/herself (e.g. if your students do not understand to the subject you are teaching, then explain it again to them slowly and gladly until they understand. Or if they have problems in their homes or in school, give them some advices). They will think that you are a nice person and they may like you.

An open mind means that a teacher must have a great response to any situations in class. (e.g. if some of your students have different opinions with yours, don't blame them. But hear them. Hear their opinions). Teaching is not always about giving explanations. But it's also about discussion with your students.

5. They that have good communication with the students.

As I said before, teaching is not always about giving explanations. It's also about discussion. Don't always be the speaker. Try to involve your students in the learning process, for example by asking them simple questions. Just try to make them speak. So it will not be a one-way learning, but it will be two-ways learning between the teacher and the students.

6. They that have clear objectives for the lesson.

It's obvious that teachers must have clear objectives to what they are teaching about. If teachers do not own this, what are they teaching for? That's why it's important to have clear objectives in class. The objective of teaching can be anything. Mostly to make the students cleverer. That's what teachers do. To make people smart and prepare them to face their futures.

7. They that have pure souls.

These kinds of teachers are kings among teachers. Their characteristics are:

a.       They are neutral.

They're never be in one side of their students while not in the other side of students. They are fair people.

b.      They don't hate their students.

No matter what their students do, these strong people will not hate their students. In fact, a teacher will try to make his/her students realize their mistakes and make them change.

c.       They befriend their students.

They are not afraid to lose their honour. Because they realize that it will never break their honour. They just try to get their students' love. Because that's what teachers need; the student' love.

B. Good students are:

1. They that believe in self-ability.

Students whom believe in their own abilities will realize that it's easy to study with confidence in heart. They will try their best to achieve their goals. They don't care how hard it will be, or what people will say about them. Because they believe in themselves that they can do it. And even if their goals are not achieved, they will not be disappointed. Because they have tried their best, and they will be satisfied -- whatever the result is.

2. They that always ready to face any test or examination.

This is very important for students - to be ready the whole time. Ready for tests or exams given by teachers. They don't sigh, they don't complain, and they are not afraid to an exam. Because what? Because they have studied long before the teacher announces an exam. So when the time for a test has come, they are ready.

3. They that respect their teachers.

Teachers are the source of knowledge - other than books. That's why students must respect their teachers. Because without teachers we will not be anything. We will not be smart by reading books only. We sometimes need a person to teach us about something. And we sometimes should learn to someone with experience. And that's the role of teachers. That makes them deserve to be honoured by their students. This is fair enough: they give us their knowledge and we thank them by respecting them.

4. They that often give opinions in learning process.

Good students always share their opinions in class. If one student has share his/her opinion, this sometimes will make a chain reaction - other students may do the same thing too. And if this is the case, the whole class will be active and alive. This is what makes the learning process much more fun.

5. They that ask for help by praying to God.

This is really sacred for us. Because everyone has a faith - we believe in God. When we want anything, just pray to God. When we want to be a teacher or a doctor, pray to God. When we want to be smart, pray to God. And when we want to be a good student, pray to God too. God is the ruler of the universe. That's why we should balance our efforts in achieving any goal with prayer. Remember: Human tries, but all decisions are in God's hand.