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5 Negative Effects of Procrastination

20 Juli 2016   11:42 Diperbarui: 20 Juli 2016   11:55 0 1 2 Mohon Tunggu...
5 Negative Effects of Procrastination

Well, some people said that every body has her/his own style to do something. It based on their personality and characteristics. However, out of this reasons, their habit to do something is also possible to be characteristic's trademark of that people. While some people do their job directly, the other people choose to do procrastination. Actually procrastination which means not doing something that we are supposed to do it, is a very bad habit that may cause many disadvantages in our life. So,be careful if you have a symptom correlated to this, because sometime, in our daily life, we become unaware of this problem. 

First of all, here are some symptoms which are associated with the procrastination:

1. Feeling delight in extending time

Sometimes we think that it is okay to relax working or doing our job. This is because of we feel that we can do the job easily ontime. Whereas, we do not understand what will be happened in the next hours, and in the future. However, having too much relaxation will make our jobs not finished on the right time and schedule. 

2. Underestimate the job

We underestimate something that becomes our responsible to do, then we decide to postpone this job. We believe that doing the job in the near deadline will produce the maximum results, but its totally wrong. Because to create something maximally, of course we need an extra time and extra carefulness. 

3. Laziness

When we are faced on to the something important to do and the deadline, we feel lazy to do that directly. We feel that the job which is supposed to do is not too important to do directly and we think that we still have a lot of time to do it.

4. Too Perfectionist

For example, as a student, he is asked to do the final project or thesis. He just writes the same part over and over again everyday because he thinks that it has to be done perfectly. It is not a problem if we try to do our best to reach the higher score or to make something perfect. However becoming too perfectionist is not a very good choice when we faced on to the deadline, because as a human being, we are not perfect too, and we become unconscious of the great ambition to make the perfect task, on the other side we unaware that the deadline is further draw near.

5. Avoiding difficulty

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