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Choose One: Greed or Creative?

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Choose One: Greed or Creative?

[caption caption="Menjadi kreatif atau serakah?"] People have their own vission and mission in life. In oder to make it real, they also have their own ways to take what kind of process they will through. Ofcourse, we will also deal with the statement that to work on it, people need more ambitions, desire, and passion. However, actually, there is another factor improves the successful process direct or indirectly; yet, let the author explains it later.  There is a movie which can be corelated with the statement above. This movie titled "Hustle". It shared not only about the greediness but also creativity. The story started from a part where there were some persons who wanted to obtain and exploit a big company as named " spider web". Yet, they tried to defraud them in a dark way without they understood about it. They purposed to reach their own profits. By this path, they stole the new idea that had been an agreement of bussiness. In order that, the group of persons wanted to take a revenge for what their rival did for them. They built a predigious strategy and acted creatively. However, finally, "Spider Web" lost a huge acount of money and was trapped by their own caprice.  On the other hand, there is a folktale expanded the story about a fox and a wolf which had a relationship with the character of person with the movie explained by the author above. When the fox and wolf met in the winter afternoon, the wolf began to boast about his strength and cleverness. The fox advised him to not too much bubble up; but eventhough the fox tried to suggest him, he kept talking and disperage the fox ability. These characteristics look similar with the player of "spider web" company in the "hustle" movie, such as greediness, arrogancy, and underestimate something, although it was their own partner. Greedy can be explained as always wanting more food, money, power, possessions etcetera than you need a greedy and selfish motivation. In the contrary, creative is described as an involving the use of imagination to produce new ideas or things. There is a contradict side of those both character while the one is to get something hugely, and another is to produce something perfectly and differently.   People can say that both of those attitudes must be needed need in our life. Why? It does not matter if we use greedy for collecting something benefically like for looking for the good knowledge and good experience. People need to be greedy for achieving their dreams and for 'fullfilling' their passion to be satisfied. Moreover, creaitivity also must be needed. It is a very vital factor to reach human purpose easily, completely, and absolutely perfectly. By creativity, people not only can make a good new product, but also have an unaware thought that what they made had a valuable advantages for their environment.  In the inference, it is a human disposition that they have been created to have a value, as a good people or a bad people. However, we can choose to be one of them, but we have to consider the effect or impact of that choice. As much and as good as we give to the environment, as better as we get in a whole life .As author lecturer said that "To be a great person, start it from being a creative person. To be a creative person, start it from doing a simple little thing in different way consistently and see the chance from the thing we do in a different perspective".