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Religious Pluralism In The United States Dinding Strength In Diversity

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The United States is a secular country where the government does not recognize one religion as an official religion. But interestingly the country continues to build togetherness between religions, there is even a term of harmonization of Muslim minorities with minorities in the United States.

Not only that, America is also known as a country that is considered as a country that has an emphasis on foreign countries such as Palestine and Iran, it is valued in terms of stability with its political strategy outside.

Why do I say the harmonization, because in America it still applies religious nationality, where the values of diversity between countries become a common goal. These values include:

a. Believe in God.
b. Human rights.
c. The diversity of religions in the United States

Previously America refused the existence of Muslims, and the mosques were burned and made into medical places, this happened because of cultural and religious misunderstandings.

From this incident, President Bung Karno was asked to visit the United States, but Bung Karno still provided conditions for later being able to visit the United States. The condition is that the Americans are asked to find a meal of one Muslim figure namely the tomb of Imam al-Bukhori.

Finally the food was found, then the first president (Bung Karno) of Indonesia visited the United States asking to be returned to the mosque as a place of worship as usual and move back.

Well, over time the Muslim Ummah in the United States became the second largest religion after Christianity. Then also from a variety of different cultures, religions and languages, the United States government allows it as long as it follows the procedures that have been applied in the United States

Then from that state the United States is classified as a secular state, where the government system guarantees religious freedom for each of its citizens and an open government system

Not only that Muslims in America are also allowed to build boarding schools and it was approved by the United States government.

Imam Shamsi Ali, a Muslim scholar
Indonesians living in New York,
established the first Islamic boarding school,
Pondok Nusantara Madani USA, at
the state of Connecticut. When he
attend the Black and White program on the network trans on September 5, 2019, Imam
Shamsi Ali said that he was not
experiencing obstacles in building
the pesantran is in the United States.
he said the local government as well as the community in the United States very tolerant and helpful. He also mentioned that the US constitution guarantee and protect freedom

On the other side of the diversity in the United States non-Muslim citizens also participate in worship activities, such as breaking the fast.

And that diversity continues today, until the Muslim community in the United States is very strong. Even Muslims in America form organizations, or communities so that communication is well established, so that synergy can provide information about education, culture, and even religion.

Then to withdraw the constitution of the United States requires the court to strike a balance between not supporting certain religions and not limiting
religious freedom. The court has decided not to display religion with excess in the public sphere, but they have also ruled in favor of public funds used to support religious clubs in public universities

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