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Be Yourself

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Sosbud. Sumber ilustrasi: Indonesia

The sentence "Be Yourself" is the easy one we can say, but it is difficult to implement it. Why? there many reasons how difficult it. The reasons are : Intelligence Quotients, Spiritual Quotients, and our environment. 

So we must learn how to solve it. It needs time and our passion. So what we do we must think the real problem. But if we think over, we will be stress. The stress is about the afraid of lose things, freedom, health and so on. The God examines with the afraid of life.

So make us realize our life. Our life is beautiful, Beautiful means "of a very high standard; excellent". Don't blame ourselves, The God never sleeps. The nature understands the needs of human being. Take your body playing with the nature. The nature will tell about the biggest of The God. What we have done and felt, it is our connection to the God and Nature. 

Pandemic covid19 id the lesson learn that the human being cannot be separated with the nature and the God. Just God knows the real of Pandemic Covid19. What we do is the balance the human being activities with the nature. The climate change will be happened because of the unbalanced of our activities with the nature. The pandemic covid19 with our realized or not, it is the example of the  climate change. So It depends on us, be ourselves. Do what we must do with the frame of human being activities and nature balanced.

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