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Local Wisdom

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Sosbud. Sumber ilustrasi: Indonesia

The local wisdom means that you do what the local regulation. The Cost Guard from China has not watched the local wisdom of the traditional fishermen. Past away The Great Britain Mr. (RIP) Standford Raffles said, "If you rule the wave .. you rule the world". But now The domination of The Cost Guard from China not ruling but want to show the force in managing the natural resources at the sea.

Why is it happened? We don't know, but we hope The China has wisdom to rule in participating together managing it. The One Belt One Road is the policy to make the prosperity together with the nice cooperation. AUKUS and The Taliban regime have made the new strategy to make the world realizing that together we can keep and make the peace for all over the world.

What ever has happened, God doesn't sleep. God has given the best one for the world. The world must be harmony each other for life. Life is the beautiful one if peace in it. Mahatma Gandhi has said, "if you don't learn, You don't change, If you don't change, you die." So we can learn fro the past, the war is not the way to finish the conflict. The conflict at the sea, we can discuss and solve the best way to make the prosperity each other. It needs time and energy, but we must start it, nothing impossible. Work together, prosperity for all over the world..

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