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5 Ways Dota 2 Made Me a Better Person

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5 Ways Dota 2 Made Me a Better Person

In Dota 2 there’s a ranking system that brings out everyone’s inner competition. Getting more ranked matchmaking points means you’re good at the game. Shortened as, MMR, it’s a fairly accurate representation of skill and thus it becomes what everyone strives for in Dota. Here is what I learned during my own climb through MMR.

1. Stop blaming others for your own misfortunes

From my own observations one of the biggest reasons on why players fail to climb the ranks is because they are too busy blaming others. What blaming does is it limits your ability to see things clearly.

I lost because of this stupid carry YOLO 24/7

I’m not wealthy because this guy did his job incorrectly

Noticing your own mistakes and correcting them is how you truly learn and get better at something. Blaming others makes seeing your own mistakes harder. There’s no point in clinging to someone else’s fault. Take note not to do the same mistake, move on. Blaming will only wear you out, accomplishing nothing.

2. There is no end to Learning

Another reason to why a lot of players I know are failing to climb the Dota MMR rank. They get complacent and stop learning. Generally, Dota 2 is a hard game to get into. It’s not a pick up and play like Clash of Clans. There is a lot of stuff you have to know before the game becomes fun.

But many players start to get complacent after they get over the learning curve. They stop learning new things, stop trying and as a result most of the players are in the 2k-3k bracket which is often considered the trench. Players get stuck in the trench because all they do is continuously queue game after game hoping they’ll get lucky without questioning what went wrong in a loss.

Point is; maybe there’s a reason why you’re stuck doing the same job for 4 years or why you failed your entry exams twice in 2 years. You’re not learning enough and you’re not trying hard enough.

3.One of the most important skills in life, decision making, is greatly influenced by your own wellbeing

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