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Novel Abdul Gofur
Novel Abdul Gofur Mohon Tunggu... Konsultan di Bidang Kepemerintahan yang sudah pengalaman di sektor / isu pembangunan berkelanjutan selama 20 tahun

Lahir di Jakarta 28 Maret 1975 dan menempuh pendidikan S1 di UI Jurusan Adm Negara (FISIP) 2000, dan S2 di Makati, Phillipine, Asian Institute of Management (AIM), jurusan Development Management, 2005. Bekerja di sektor kepemerintahan untuk pembangunan berkelanjutan.




Ular Sawah (Water Snake)

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The recent calamities resulted in the current hazards (Earth Quake (EQ), tsunami, flooding & volcano eruption) are actually can be minimized through a thorough disaster campaign program. One thing that we must know is we are living on the so-called 'ring of fire' which spans from Western Hemisphere through Southeastern Asia and to pacific countries. Consequently we are prone to EQ, tsunami and volcano eruption. In other words, we are actually living with the potential disaster.

Therefore we must aware of this and must engage to disaster compact program. Government must provide mitigation and preparedness (M & P) activities that starts from just providing very rudimentary program like escape route signs inside the building up to indispensable ones -- installing seismic monitoring, buoyant devices, mainstreaming M & P into vital sectors such as health, education and other government systems. These are very important parts for our life here in Indonesia so that our people live stronger, safer and better despite all hazards we have in Indonesia.

Having seen Merapi eruption lately and taking lesson from it, well, I don't want to see another Mbah Maridjan that deems the volcano eruption is 'kind of myth phenomenon'. I fully respect him and persons alike, i have no doubt on it, but I have belief which enforces me to use brain (knowledge/Aq'qal) combines with praying and that is a paramount of everything.

For Jakarta's case, the flooding has been caused by a voracious development which has ignored an ecological-spatial balance principle! Only few people (miserly business groups) ripped the fruit of this greedy development and mostly they associate to 'government' which they usually makes use of 'Government's power' to collaborate doing a corrupt business.

What a shame! Now, mostly 'the lower' incomes of greater Jakartans have been received a greatest impact from this flooding! STOP any plans from Jakarta's government (governor and council) that wants to develop malls and luxuries housing complex in green areas. Provide affordable houses for low income people and reachable transportation system for Jakartans.

Jakarta's government must dare to tell to national government to limit developments in greater Jakarta (greater Jakarta absorb 65 % of Indonesian economic activity) and tell to develop a comprehensive plan to send out tax payers money outside Java Islands as to aim development equity.

"My empang" (small lake/swamp) has changed into mall - where now my kids sometime enjoy various amusements inside it - and has caused flooding for surrounding neighborhood. I miss "my empang" where I used to spend my time to 'ngobak' (swimming) with my friends and fishing Gabus (snake-head fish) while enjoying wedding season of dragonfly, kebo-kebo-an and other interesting insects. That's 20 to 25 years ago. *imagining being chased by Uler Sawah*


Novel Abdul Gofur 

Makassar, 27-10-2010, badha' Lohor