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Heavily Burdened with Your Activities? Here Are 4 Books to Solve Your Problems

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Hello 2020!

May fresh start be with you in this year to chase your personal goal this year.

366 new chances this year to improve our life. How many of us wasting time on something useless such as: Social Media without productive things; comparing ourselves to others; procrastinate, etc. One of the best improving activity is Reading.

But randomly picking for books you read may deliver you to ambiguity and confuseness since book's content itself is really subjective. It depends on its author by their own backgrounds. But, some books are highly recommended if you are self-improvement junkie, here are your list!

  1. Anthony Robbins - Unlimited Power

Success is habit forming and the habit of success, once learned, is nearly impossible to forget!" This book tells you how you could achieve anything with the right mindset and the right method to be used in any kind of chasing-goal program that you are progressing on. Highly recommended since Tony Robbins has been experienced for a long time and the mindset set up is the most important thing to be upgraded as mindset grows, skill developed.

  1. Haryanto Kandani - The Achiever

This book written by Indonesian motivational speaker, public speaker coach and life coach. He has many of experience in housing training on notable companies such as : IBM, Prudential Indonesia, Allianz, Banks, etc. This book will guide you how to positively think on your potential life. The way we think and judge about ourselves, determine how we act. This is a must-to-read book that you would like to save on your pocket.

  1. Napoleon Hill-Think And Grow Rich

Being rich is everyone's dream and goal in this word right? But the one who decides to make it real are few. Guidance for you to be rich in mindset is well packaged in this book. The author itself is well-known speaker internationally in building people's life, so no doubt on this book. Richness isn't just about money, it could be time leisure, quality time with family, so how to reach them all? By do what is necessary by setting up your goal in this book.

  1. David.J.Schwartz - Think Big

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