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How If I Lead the Country?|If I Were Jokowi (English Essay)

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Became the first person to lead the country is not easy. Moreover, if the country that we have to lead is a large developing country such as Indonesia. I am sure that Mr. Jokowi, the seventh president of Indonesia, also think the same think. If I were Jokowi, I would give more focus on education, business partnership, and introducing the new technology. This is what I would do if I became the president of Indonesia.

 I would give more focus on education, especially to Indonesian students. I would provide more skill trainings and scholarship for them, so if they were not good at learning they could upgrade and develop themselves on the other side of their ability for instance in mechanical skill, sewing skill, or cooking skill. I want to help the students find their passion, so we could compete with other students around the world not only in the intelligent level but also in skills ability. I would promote them to study abroad and make English as the second language in Indonesia.

The second priority that I want to give more attention is technology. We have to upgrade our technology mainly about the factory and industry. Recently, Indonesian main problem is happening because the waste processing. That is why I want to build the waste filter technology so the waste would not pollute the environment. The other technology that I want to present in Indonesia is the mining technology, particularly for the Freeport Project. I wish that someday we could take the Freeport stock totally and processing the mining by our self.

If I were the president of RI, I would also put my attention on political focus. As we know, Indonesian politic are quietly dirty in context, to repair such a problem I will set the death penalty for all corruptors. I want to actualize a clean government and make relations as much as we could with the other country for business. I would increase the export amount of Indonesian quality product and less the amount of import. So, the Indonesian economic rate will be stable.

To deal with the community is not easy. Lead a big developing country like Indonesia surely need an extra energy physically nor mentally. To became a president is not quite easy, so we have to respect and appreciate our leader. If I were Jokowi, I would make a better change on education, technology, economic, and also the politic as I mentioned before. Providing some scholarship and skills training, introduce the mining and filter waste technology, are some of them. As the next generation, we have the blade to choose, so the future is in our hands. Let’s try to became the next Jokowi! How if I lead the country?

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