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Is It Important to Maintain Relationship with Customers?

3 Mei 2021   20:30 Diperbarui: 3 Mei 2021   21:02 75 3 1 Mohon Tunggu...

By: AM Nadya Febri Ayunita
Student of S1 Statistic Universitas Muhammadiyah Semarang (UNIMUS)

Relational marketing is an effort made by companies to retain customers by creating two-way communication by managing a profitable relationship between the customer and the company. Relational marketing is one of the marketing strategies used by companies to maintain long-term good relationships with customers. Relational marketing deals with how companies are able to build familiarity with customers, to be able to build close relationships.

First of all, I think relationship marketing is considered to be attracting, maintaining and enhancing customer relationships. Companies must be able to know and understand customer needs and wants, and be able to treat customers better. This will make customers feel cared for and appreciated, so that it will create customer loyalty to the company in the long run.

Based on the articles I read, the factors that influence relationship marketing are focusing on customer retention, orientation on product benefits, customer service is very concerned and emphasized, commitment to customers is very high, contact to customers, and quality is everyone's concern. This shows that forming good relationships with customers can affect relationship marketing, so that customers will continue to use the products we produce.

In conclusion, that good relationships with customers are an important factor in building relationship marketing. I agree with that because having a good relationship with customers creates two-way communication between the company and the customer. And customers will think that the products we produce match the desired criteria.