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The Legend of Banyuwangi

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Banyuwangi is a name of a district in the province of east Java, Indonesia. It is located in the eastern of the island of Java, next to Bali. Bali strait is between Banyuwangi and the island of Bali. The culture of Banyuwangi is unique because it is a blend of Javanese, Balinese and Madurese influence. Here is a well known legend about Banyuwangi.

Long time ago Banyuwangi was called Blambangan. It was a kingdom under a wise king who had a handsome and smart son. Raden Banterang was his name. He liked hunting very much. He often went to forest around Blambangan to hunt for animals. One day when he was in a forest he saw a deer. He chased it and the deer ran deeper into the forest. His horse was so good and strong that he left his guards behind. Unfortunately he lost the deer. As he took a rest under a big banyan tree suddenly a lovely lady appeared in front of him. Raden Banterang was very surprised to see a beautiful girl alone in the forest. He was suspicious that she was not a human being. So he asked her.

"Excuse me lovely lady, do you live around here?" said Raden Banterang.

"No, I don't. I'm from Klungkung, Bali. My name is Surati. I'm a princess, the daughter of the king of Klungkung. I need your help" answer the woman.

"I'm in danger. There was a rebellion in Klungkung. The rebel killed my father but I could escape. My guards took me here but I lose them. Now I'm alone. I don't know where to go. I have no relative here. Please help me" She continued.

Then Raden Banterang took Surati home. He fell in love with her and then several months later he married her. One day when Surati was in the street he met a man. The man called him.

She was surprised to realize that the man was her brother Rupaksa. Rupaksa told her  that it was Raden Banterang who killed their father. He came to Blambangan to take revenge and asked Surati to join him. Surati was shocked but she refused to join.

"I'm really shocked to hear the news. But I'm not sure. Raden Banterang is now my husband. He's very kind to me. He never hurts me. He's protecting me. As a good wife I will never betray him. It is my duty to serve him." Said Surati.

"But he killed our father"  Rupaksa convinced her sister.

Rupaksa was disappointed with her sister. He was also very angry to her.

Rupaksa gave his head dress to his sister Surati. To respect her older brother Surati put it under her pillow. Several days later Raden Banterang was hunting in a forest when he met a man that looked like a priest. The man greeted him politely. Then he said something.

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