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Family Support is The Most Significant Factor in People Success

9 Juli 2014   02:20 Diperbarui: 18 Juni 2015   06:56 3525
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Have you ever defined the meaning of success? And what is your definition of success? Most people believe thatsuccess is something which we can do by ourselves without any support. Moreover, the majority of people accept that successful people are known for their reputation, great job or wealth.However, successful people are not only having a good position in their job or rich in money. Otherwise, it is also about having happiness in their life. Owing to the fact that the people who are rich in gold, but poor in happiness doesn’t mean that they are successful people; furthermore, life with a great career but lacks relations with another, hardly calls that a success. Hence, what is the real success and what is the most crucial factor that make us successful? Many people argue that success must depend on variety of essential elements. Support of society such as school and environment are the factors on people success. However, most of people believe that family support is the most significant factor on people success on account of the fact that family is the first learning place and it is an economic and emotional supports for individuals.

As family is the first learning place of an individual in this world, so it is one of the most vital support that make people successful (Edward, 2013). Large number of people point out that family isthe smallest group of social life and also it is the first group of people who teach you about the crucial fundamentals of life. For example, they teach you the norm and value of life and teach you what is right and wrong. Moreover, family is an institution that has a function in teaching personalities of children since they were born. Also, family always instructs children and gives guidance about personal values and social behavior to their children. In addition, family has a significant effect on family members. For instance, family isfirst institution that build quality of life for family members to have better education and social lives.Also, family has a function to determine status of family members such as nationality, religion and belief. Furthermore, support of family can help people to develop positive interpersonal relationships (Edward,2013). For example, value, attitude, belief, faith and even culture that children were taught and cultivated by family could provide children to have a positive perspective in social life. Besides, it provides an environment that encourages learning both at home and school.

From another perspective, support of family provides us with economical provision and emotional support. According to Canavan, Dolan & Pinkerton (2000), many people believe that economic support and emotional support are the common function in today’s families and these functions lead to children’s success. To begin with, family is the basic foundation of society's economic institutions. The economic functions of a family are important for children’s success. Economic support from parents expands children’s opportunities in educational and social lives. For instance, family provides children’s education such as tuition and material of learning and also family supports foods, clothes and medicine to family members because it is an important factor and essential provision for life and subsistence. Furthermore, emotional support of family is one of the most significant factors that persuade people to achieve their goals. Love and warmth in family can build family members to be happy and close to each other. Besides, love of parents towards children is also important because it couldmotivate childrento become more courageous and also it helps inspire children to work hard in performance that they want to do in the future. In addition, many people claim that family support may be able to help reduce stresses and increase protective security in children’s life (Canavan, Dolan & Pinkerton, 2000). For example, when children have experienced emotional breakdown, they might ask for advice to solve their problems from their family and also they can create mutual understanding.

However, opponents of this idea argue that lack of social support is the problem that family faces nowadays. For this reason, the role of family toward their children decreased slowly. As evidence of this, social environment is one of the most significant factor that bring up people successful characteristic and also it is one fundamental aspect influencing people’s success. To start with, most of people argue that school provides many opportunities of education system to children and also support of school can encourage students and children through activities and social experiences (Canavan, Dolan & Pinkerton, 2000). Moreover, a lot of people believe that teacher resemble a second parent because a teacher has influenced in children’s learning. As a result of the fact that children begin studying in the age around five and approximately graduate on the age of twenty five years old. Thus, in this the period of education, a teacher have the effects on the children’s lives in terms of their idea, attitude and apprehension. Furthermore, a friend is one of the most crucial support which makes people successful. Numerous people debate that friend resembles a mirror of ourselves that reflects our true identity. However, the argument that social support such as school, teacher andeven friend makes people more successful might not be true completely. Owing to the fact that support of schools or governments don’t have sufficient money, housing, material of learning and another provision to support all students. Moreover, love and affection cannotreceive from the support of society. For example, when people have experienced emotional breakdown, they want a spirit and comprehension from their family. Thus, encouragement of family is not enough for people. In addition, most of experts claim that although the treatment and education need to be supported by the government. However, it’s not enough, it needs to be taken care by the family. As a consequently, especially family environment, and also these parents might have sufficient financial support, and also they can encourage and motivate their children in the right way. Besides, being closeness and intimacy of family are the support that make people more successful not a support of society.

In conclusion, as it has been agreed, support of family is the most significant factor on people’ success. As family is the first institution for people’s learning and also it is an economic and emotional support for individuals. Moreover, love and affection from family and also inspiration from family can persuade people to be successful in their lives; besides, people achieve their goals and succeed in their life because family is the significant factor who plays a fundamental role on people’s success. Their family’s support will bring up their successful characteristic, which will help them to be success. Therefore, in order to be successful, family is the first learning place in people lives and it is an economic and an emotional support. So, it is not surprised and we cannot reject that the fundamentals of success is due to the support of family.


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Confirmed by Original Writer: Songchai Wongyeemoh - Thailand

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