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By: Monalisa

I see you from behind the screen
A pair of clear eyes, deep, as deep as the ocean
Your skin color is milky white, flawless like a diamond
Your cherry lips are red, smiling greets my gaze
Oh! I muttered, "Are you real?"

Your beautiful mane is waving in the breeze
Your slender fingers are combing through in a very charming motion
You smile again until your eye line forms a crescent moon
I held my breath, feeling the pounding heart that was getting louder
Oh! I asked, "All this what I'm seeing, is it real?"

Are you real?
The existence of one in a million
Walk like a prince in the crowd of admirers
Waving hands with a smile that never fades
Embellished with beams of light that follow your steps
Accompanied by a hysterical voice shouting, "Saranghae, neoppun-iya."
And leave an imprint on an unforgettable memory

Are you even real?
Your baritone voice fills my head
Your image fills my every imagination
Every news from you is the reason my heart beats
And your tears become a sword that pierces my heart

It is too bad!
Am I obsessed?
Or, have I crossed that line?
An invisible line that divides the real world and the hallucination
Boundary between me and you
Between my simple world and your complicated world
Can it be one line, and come together in the middle?
No! Obviously not, and I know that very well.

Can you be real?
At least I won't be this sick
But the reality keeps hitting
Dropping every part of me to the very bottom
Breaking the wings of dreams that carry me soar
I thought I would end up tragically

I thought you could be real
When they say the world is small
Where coincidence or fate can happen
However, reality is crushing again
When I never felt that fate
When I never had that coincidence
And I realized, the world was never that narrow.

Are you real?
Can you be real?
Yes, you are real to yourself
No, you're just virtual to me

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