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GRIT Part 1

21 November 2019   20:00 Diperbarui: 21 November 2019   20:12 0 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...

This book is my inspiration to going back continue my study in a colledge. I'am consider that exellence can not be build in a day or month. Exellence can be build with grit in doing something until it is end up. It is like doing that something and imagine it become your passion. Passion that you do for a long run, or Dr. Angela D. Call this step " Marathon". Dr. Angela Duckworth say that this is life, we have to gritty to achieve our goal because life is a marathon, not a sprint.

Thanks to budhe Endang that send me a video about grit that presented by Dr. Angela Duckworth. You both are my inspiration. You make me consider that our dream can be achieve for a long time not for short time. Rome isn't build in a day. How can i  repay you this anugrah that i can go to a colledge altough it is just polytechnic. But thank god.

What is grit?

If you looking for the meaning in indonesian -- english dictionary, you will get an answer that grit is " ketabahan hati". So, what is the essennce? Why grit is so important? And what is the truth about grit in this book ( grit by Angela Duckworth). Okay, First is Grit has two Component. It is Passion and Perseverance[1]. 

Dr. Angela duckworth speak about grit with many tale about someone success because of their passion at something and they have perseverance to make that passion become reality. Day by day, week by week and it must be count for year to make that passion as Their goal become reality. Ya know, Rome wasn't build in a day.

Maybe some of people who read this article will say deep in their hearth, "We know all about it?" but how many people know about this and how many people have this two component of grit. Passion is when you do something and love it. Perseverance is when you struggle and straight forward to make that happen even it will take a long time.

Dr. Angela ductworth ever talk about grit in TEDX. Some people think that success born because of talent.

This is the video of Dr. angela when represent Grit