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Corona Alert: Opinions?

6 April 2020   17:40 Diperbarui: 6 April 2020   17:40 10 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...
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Corona Alert: Opinions?

Indonesia is facing an emergency situation right now, until 6th April 2020, the number of positive COVID-19 reaches 2,273 with 164 recoveries and 198 deaths.

Previously, Indonesia was focusing on superintending fake news and hoaxes about the coronavirus. Indonesian's citizens do believe that we will not get coronavirus and often underestimate that the virus won't arrive in Indonesia, with illogical reasons. It is still believed to be true until the 2nd of March 2020. On that day, an official announcement that two people were positive COVID-19 from Depok. The media published, everyone went panic which leads to panic buying, surgical masks and hand sanitizers are as still the most precious equipment as a necessity. 

Surely, social and physical distancing is important when going out. A lockdown is surely a good way to fight this virus. But there are tons of reasons if a lockdown was justified. Many people depend on going out to fulfill their needs. An obligation that is done by several countries, which is believed to be true doesn't mean that it implies best to our country. There are many more problems relating to this outbreak in Indonesia.

If I were the president of Indonesia, I will be bold enough to justify clarity. Transparency levels in Indonesia are still low among other countries. We should announce every detail that is worth knowing and stop encrypting nor hiding it so that it just seems to gain temporary satisfaction. Honesty is the main key to every problem.

Indonesia is a wide country and has the 4th largest amount of population in the world. A centralized government with 34 provinces led by a governor. Citizens do rely on our government to handle this pandemic. But there should be a clear, stated rule and procedures to be operated. 

Problem in hospital operations

Some hospitals in Jakarta were confused on how to handle COVID-19 patients. If the capital city still has troubles, what about other regions that are far and isolated? Therefore a clear procedure should be optimized.

Searching facts and information from other countries, yet picking a lesson learned. How do they handle these cases, sharpen curiosity,  be open minded, explore and observe.

A conference call by The Ministry of Health to all heads of hospital. Procedures written in pdfs and arranged in folders. Although it might be troublesome, a small step begins and soon all hospitals can be independent to handle corona cases. In this situation, motivation and support is really crucial. Strengthening the bond of adjacent hospitals is the best to do. In terms of which a hospital lacks rooms for patients, especially infected ones, it is important to transfer patients to a hospital nearby to save time.

Second, the dial number of COVID-19 emergencies are already published. However, when it comes to speed and accuracy, those call centers seldom pick up phone calls. It is true that call centers are really busy, but in terms of emergencies, there should be a fast and real move to help people. The operation center should be organized perfectly, as well as adding the number of administrations. Furthermore, connections to all departments who are ready to stand by consistently is the foremost part of a government's pure service. 

Hotels, athlete's homesteads, malls, and so many more buildings are renewed to build spaces for quarantine and a special hospital for corona is built. All of these should be legalized and optimized to its best especially the  transferring process of patients.

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