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Plan Content and Create Feed Templates for Instagram

29 November 2022   05:05 Diperbarui: 29 November 2022   05:16 118
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Plan Content and Create Feed Templates for Instagram

On November 18, 2022, I, as a Unisa communication student, plan to create content that will be uploaded right after the event at Galeria Mall is over to improve the feed and be able to generate interaction with new and old consumers and customers. This goal is to make posts on Instagram ( livelier than before.

In the process of working on the idea to create feed content, it was made with a simple template design and done the day before posting so that when it is used, you can immediately attach photos and videos and then post.

In making this feed and template, we are given the freedom to express design ideas as creatively as possible because this is based on our own ideas, and if you have input, you can just coordinate with the team and confirm in the group so that activities run smoothly.

Various templates will be made and have been made, and we are just waiting to receive the templates while we wait for the results to be revised.

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