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How Running in the Morning Affects Our Daily Routine

12 Februari 2023   13:25 Diperbarui: 12 Februari 2023   16:01 90
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Running in the

Running in the morning is quite challenging in some ways. Not only it's difficult to start, but also it takes some efforts to make it a daily routine. Despite its challenges, running, especially in the morning, gives endless benefits.

The air quality in the morning is far better than the rest of the day. This makes it easy to enjoy running while the streets are most probably empty, and therefore it feels terrific to take a breath.

Our mind tends to like a quiet atmosphere. So, running in the morning lets blood to flow smoothly to all areas of our body. As a result, we feel more relaxed and focused after we finished exercise.

If we have a lot to do during the day, running in the morning makes it easy to get things done later on. Why? Our blood flow determines the quality of our health. This means our ability to concentrate increases as our blood flow improves. 

Bear in mind that, if we occasionally engage in less movement tasks, such as sitting for many hours in front of computer or completing tasks on our desk, then it mostly likely that our blood flow is hindered.

Also, lack of movement could lead to weak blood flow. Hence, we feel unmotivated and disengaged. In the long run, it potentially reduces our productivity. To avoid this, working out early in the morning would help improve our days. 

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