"Global Warming is Not a Prediction"

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Global warming is not a prediction. It is happening.  Global warming is increasing the average temperature of the Earth's atmosphere, ocean, and air. This problem makes big debate among people, an in the news. Nowadays, our earth has risen between 0.4 and 0.8 degree Celsius over the past 100 years. The increased is including a volume of carbon dioxide and some of the greenhouse gases.Global warming cannot see a little problem, but this is a big issue. If human not aware of the Earth, some days big disaster will befall the earth.

Many factors that cause Global warming.  The first factor is coming from the human. In the earth human is one of the big causes global warming. Human activities that make to the earth. During the industrial revolution in 1760 is a starting point of global warming. Because industrial when industrial revolution, many factories build from the human.  Many manufacturers find the newest technology but they are did not paying attention to impact after. In this era many factory that using fossil fuel to the machine. Because of these many carbon dioxides that produce and release into the atmosphere.

Nowadays, another problem is not only coming from manufacture but also many activities from human-like burning the forest for opening oil palm plantations, carbon dioxide from the vehicle, CFC (chlorofluorocarbons). Use of the chemical components also support causes of global warming. The chemical components can pollute our air, water, and ground. In the water, it will give impact to the sea animal.  

Other issues that are deforestation. Human doing this to produce wood, houses, and papers. The forest is a vital ecosystem in the earth. This is habitat for some animals and produces food for them. In the other impact, the forest is the big supply of our oxygen.  If our oxygen very small, the earth will be increasing the temperature. At the end, of our earth become hot, the level of the sea also increase because of ice melt.

The second factor of global warming is coming from natural. The natural problem like from volcanic eruption. When the mountain eruption, it will increase our earth temperature. Another problem is forest fires. Forest fires, this problem come from sunlight. There will be big carbon dioxide in the earth. Our atmosphere will become thin. The other factor is water vapor. According to NASA, two-thirds of the gases stuck in the thick blanket is in the form of water vapor. This hitch in tow effect means rising temperature, rising vapor. The water vapor is unable to escape and thus results in hotter climate changes.

Therefore, as a future leader, we should keep our earth. We can start to form a little action. Like turn off your lamp if you not use it, reduce of using plastic; reduce CFC by using newest technology that can reduce that; reforestation; throw rubbish; and etc.