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3 Ways Brands Advertise On Tiktok

29 Mei 2020   10:43 Diperbarui: 29 Mei 2020   10:39 2 1 0 Mohon Tunggu...

Can TikTok help your brand find its audience? And most importantly, can TikTok help your brand generate income?

TikTok has been downloaded by more than 2 billion people and just last month has generated ten times its usual in-app revenue. Although there hasn't been a report on the advertising income TikTok gained, advertising is certainly an important part of the social media app's growth. That's why TikTok continues to develop new features that enable brands to advertise themselves to their audience.

  1. Hashtag Challenge 

Posting a post with the right hashtag will help you get discovered by more users. On TikTok, organic discovery and advertisement are combined into what is called a branded hashtag. Hashtag challenges can be boosted to appear on the Discover page.

TikTok has also allowed a "Hashtag Challenge Plus" where you can add a shoppable component to your hashtag. This means that once a user clicks on the hashtag, they'll find a "Discover" page where shoppable items are displayed.

      2. 24-hour takeover Ad

TikTok also allows you to bid for a 24-hour takeover. In this Ad format, your Ad will be the first thing to appear when users open their app. This method was used most notably by cosmetic brand, Elf that launched the takeover Ad to prompt users to participate in their challenge. This campaign, known as #eyeslipsface, has been viewed more than 5.1 billion times and received at least 1.7 million submissions.

Elf cosmetics integrate this campaign with an original track and influencers, making them a good example of an integrated TikTok strategy. Therefore, a strong Ad and well-planned content have often been the key to a successful campaign. 

     3. AR filter

One of the popular ways to advertise on video-based social media nowadays is to create an original, branded AR filter that can be used by viewers instantly. Content and editing quality have often become a crucial part that prompts users to participate in challenges. TikTok presents this feature as a product known as the "Branded Effect".

Advertising in TikTok is always unique and continuously developing. TikTok innovates to make call-to-actions easier, whether that'd be for directing users to sites or to directly purchase a product. In conclusion, TikTok advertising is proven not only beneficial because of the audience but also because of unique varieties of features that make advertising convenient for brands.