Lintang Tanpa Lin
Lintang Tanpa Lin

Semakin jauh melangkahkan kaki di tengah jalan bernama "hidup", semakin ingin aku menyuratkannya dalam tulisan.




Here I Am

22 Oktober 2013   09:14 Diperbarui: 24 Juni 2015   06:11 39 0 0’s the thing. I’m breaking my heart and feels like doing something a ‘lil bit useful. So I read some writings of mine and words pop outta my head, and hands are autonomously tick-tacking on the keyboard. AND Voíla! Here I am again, here..and trying to write some lacking of importance and “meh” writings. It is with one and a purpose spit the stress out. But actually it came out also that I’d like people to really start to read these silly writings of mine, and then smile-grin-hum-whatever on my stories.

Well, oh well…
But please forgive me for my unimportant stories in advance, just to warn you out so that you won’t be disappointed on what’s inside this silly (once again) blog. I can never imagine how I consider this page as a blog. It’s more like my diary pages that are read by public. No privacy, no fence, and also no offense (WHAT??!!).

Anyway people..ehem..Reader.. Here I am!!!

Hugs and Roses