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Epistemology Philosophy

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One of the most important parts of science is the study of epistemology regarding the existence of a science. The study of epistemology is concerned with questions about knowledge. epistemology is known as a sub system of philosophy. Epistemology is a theory of knowledge, which is about how to get knowledge from the object you want to think about ..

That scientific epistemology is essentially a combination of rational thinking and empirical thinking. Both ways of thinking are combined in studying natural phenomena to find the truth, because in epistemology science utilizes two human abilities in studying nature, namely the mind and senses. Therefore, epistemology is an attempt to interpret and prove the belief that we are aware of another reality from ourselves. The effort to interpret is the application of rational thinking, while the attempt to prove is the application of empirical thinking.

Posivism as a true event (which already knows the reality) is already based on facts and there is evidence, logical, measurable.
Examples of positivism: more people go to the market than to the mosque because of the intellect is more profitable to the market than to the mosque.