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My Friend Clara

There is a new girl in my class. Her name is Clara. She is very pretty and very rich, but she doesn't like to play with me or my friends.

One day, during recess, she took out a pretty Barbie doll out of her bag. I walked to her and wanted to look at it. But she quickly put it back in her bag and arrogantly told me, "You can't play with my Barbie! Nobody plays with my doll!"

I was shocked and stepped away from her. Well, okay, I did not need her doll. I had my own. So, I told her, "Listen, Clara..." But my friend Seno grabbed my wrist and said, "Let it go, Sita. Leave her alone."

I shrugged my shoulders, and walked away with Seno. Who wanted to be friends with such an arrogant girl? Certainly not me! I had my own friends, lots of them! Seno, Dina, Robi, Listi, and Mila. They were all my close friends.

After recess, I returned to my seat. I tried not to think about what happened. I didn't even want to look at Clara. By the end of the class, I forgot everything about Clara. I walked home as usual with Seno, Listi, and Dina. We lived in the same neighborhood. We joked and laughed and chatted all the way to the front gate and unto the street.

... suddenly ... there she was ... Clara ... She was sitting alone on the pavement, crying sadly. We stopped and looked at each other. We wondered what happened. Did she lose her Barbie doll? Had she fallen and hurt herself? Where was her mother? Where was her car? We asked each other who was going to approach Clara. I immediately shook my head. No, not me. I didn't want Clara to yell at me again. Seno and Dina didn't want to do it either. Finally Listi stepped forward.

"Clara, is something wrong?" she asked. Clara cried even louder. She said, "Oh, Listi, my mother got sick. She can't pick me up. She told me to walk home with Susi who lives near us, but Susi has already gone home with her other friends. My house is far from here, I'm scared to walk home by myself, but I'm also worried about my mom. I love my mom so much. I'm afraid she is terribly ill. Oh! Hiks hiks ..."

Suddenly I felt sorry for Clara. I loved my mom, too, and I didn't know what I would do if my mom were sick. I knelt next to her and touched her arm gently.

"Hey, let's walk together to your house. Right guys?" I looked at my friends. They all nodded, "Sure, let's walk with Clara."

Clara wiped her tears with the back of her hand and asked hesitantly, "Really? You really want to walk with me?" I nodded and helped her up.

"Of course. We'd like to visit your mom and see if she may need a doctor."

Suddenly Clara hugged me. "Thank you! I'm sorry I didn't let you play with my Barbie this morning."

I just smiled, "Just forget about it. Let's go! Your mom is waiting!"