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Wedding Reception Wants to be Praised but It Ends to Controversy: Atta-Aurel

12 April 2021   01:05 Diperbarui: 12 April 2021   01:12 34 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...
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Wedding Reception Wants to be Praised but It Ends to Controversy: Atta-Aurel

Indonesia was made happy by her/his idol who managed to marry her partner by saying holy promises in front of many witnesses. On April 3, 2021, two lovebirds from Indonesian legendary artists, namely Anang - Ashanty and the sultan pair Gen - Halilintar have officially become a legally married couple. The reception of A - A couple (Atta-Aurel) was held luxuriously and saved many unforgettable moments for both the family of the bride and the groom or the guests. 

The reason is, as a public figure, this couple is certainly well known by many celebrities and also has close friends from among celebrities. But not only brings happiness, the reception of the couple Atta Halilintar who is also known as the king of YouTube and the eldest daughter of Anang Hermansyah has made a scene and caused several comments from the Indonesian people. The lavish wedding reception, attended by several high-ranking people, has created some commotion and controversy.

Covid-19 still hasn't left Indonesia, but at the Atta-Aurel wedding reception, it was enlivened by the presence of the number one person in Indonesia, namely President Joko Widodo with his wife and also attended by the minister of defense, Prabowo Subianto. This is very unfortunate for the community because, during the covid-19 atmosphere, it should avoid the crowd, not increase the number of the crowd. So far, everyone knows that the health protocol is highly emphasized by the government for all Indonesian people.

This has also invited many comments from other public figures, such as the one written by Fiersa Besari on his Twitter account, Monday, April 5, 2021. "There are many paradoxes in this country. Homecoming is prohibited, but tourist destinations open simultaneously. Road closures, but instead traffic jams, here and there. Community reception permits were made difficult, but celeb weddings were attended directly by the leaders of the State. But I know what. Just commoners, "he said, quoted from What this musician has typed is true and often happens in this beloved country. Based on my experience, many middle and lower-class wedding receptions have been dissolved by the security forces because of the ban on gathering.

The next controversy is something that many people find very strange because the Youtuber couple's wedding reception was attended by two former competitors in the 2019 Presidential Election. Reportedly, Jokowi was invited as a witness from the male side and Prabowo as a witness from the female side. Of course, this makes a big question mark for many people, are there any leaders of the State present there? Instead of taking care of the country but greeting the bride and groom of the YouTuber couple? 

On April 4, 2021, the YouTube channel of the "Sekretariat Presiden" uploaded Jokowi's presence, who was seen attending the A-A Couple's wedding. This video upload drew a lot of negative comments from the public as well as Indonesian influencers. One of them is Dr. Tirta who said that the video uploaded by the YouTube channel seemed to be a very important State agenda. 

Citing sources from, Dr. Tirta said, "First, about the protocol, there is CHSE (Cleanliness, Health, Safety, Environment), why are there different raids? As far as I know, in January and February the PSBB (Large-Scale Social Restrictions), has been relaxed as long as it is following the CHSE regulations posted by Parekraf, the problem is why the Ministry of State Affairs is updating it as if it is an official agenda, "Dr. Tirta also added that the youtube channel should not need to upload that video. The public can certainly see this side of uncertainty, where there are many other important things from the president's activities that deserve to be published on the YouTube channel.

The level of caste class in Indonesia is still very visible and often occurs in our beloved country. It is like a sharp spear down and blunt upwards, where the law in this country is sharper to stab the lower middle class and it is blunt for the upper-class society. From this, it can be concluded that justice is still not running properly in a country that is called as a state of law. The country is in a state of concern, but the leaders are doing things that are less important than the needs of the State at this time.


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