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The Importance of Character Education

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When we hear the word 'youth' what do we think? of course we answer young, strong willed, unstable. why is it said like that? Many people say that adolescence is a period of span, because this period is where a human being has a high curiosity, an unstable ego, and requires a sense of attention to the people around him. 

But there are also those who say that this is a very pleasant period because this is the period when we get new experiences, new friends and other new things. 

According to psychology "Adolescence is a transitional period from early childhood to early adulthood, which is entered at the age of about 10 to 12 years and ends at the age of 18 years to 22 years. Adolescence begins in rapid physical changes, increases in Dramatic weight and height, changes in body shape, and development of sexual characteristics such as enlargement of breasts, development of waist and mustache, and deep voice, in this development the achievement of independence and identity is very prominent and more and more time spent outside the family "

From the changes in youth, we can see that teenagers are creatures of curiosity. We notice from the time he saw something strange or that he had never done. 

For example, he saw his friend like to play and surely he asked 'What is that? can I be like him? ' it must be like that. But even a teenager is someone who has a strong desire so that whatever he wants must be obeyed and of course he does not know all his desires are good or bad. Youth is also someone who needs advice and teachings. 

Why ? because we remember that many teenagers are still unstable and want to try something especially when it comes to their name, character, the most vulnerable part of adolescence is character. 

Because when he is still a teenager, the brain of a teenager records some moments that are actually good and bad, so when he is already recording, it will have an impact on his character. 

Character development is needed in a teenager because the character of a teenager shows a personal mirror of a teenager. For example a teenager who always forgives people easily means he has a forgiving character, a teenager who doesn't talk much means he has a quiet character, a teenager who can be a good listener means he has a wise character.

There are several experts and psychology defining the character of adolescents

"Character is a way of thinking and behaving that characterizes each individual to live and work together, both within the sphere of family, community, nation, and state" (Suyanto, 2009)

According to the psychological dictionary, "character is a personality in terms of ethical or moral starting points, for example one's honesty, and is usually associated with relatively fixed traits (Dali Gulo, 1982: p. 29)" 

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