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Salah satu dari bermilyar-milyar manusia yang ada di dunia ini yang terus berusaha menyeimbangkan segala sesuatu, terus berbuat baik dan punya impian untuk jadi "kutu loncat" dunia. Amiinn :)\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n Terima kasih :)



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Being in another country and living there for quite some time especially when it's far faraway from home, does things to you. The first, it turns you instantly into a 'temporary' tourist slash permanent-to-be local resident. Yups, over time, you'll live in a certain place long enough that it actually feels like home. Currently, I'm still in the first phase, basically still gawping at everything I see. And this is what I've found out: 1. Indomie is here and not only that, it's making the local big banners as one of the most ordered noodle brands. I should be proud but dude, for some reason it still feels weird. Feels like home but not quite at home ;D 2. Blue sky. Living in cities such as Jakarta or even Solo makes you rarely see a clear blue sky. Here? It's everywhere and it's awesome. Love it!

3. Strict public transportation rules. Here, I found out that the public buses must stop at the bus stops or terminals. If one bus disobeys the law, the other buses of the same company and destination are punished too. Hence, the traffic is more organised than even Jakarta. Seriously, Jakarta citizens better improve.
The public bus (with the green stripe). A very common sight to see both transport of the machine and man. 4. When you go up, you'll eventually go down. No, I'm not talking about philosophy or karma or the sort. I'm talking about the terrain here. On the whole, there is hardly any flat land to walk around naturally. It's either up or down.
Me and the view downhill.

Mohon tunggu...

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