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If I Were A President, What Would I Do to Fight The Coronavirus?

6 April 2020   18:27 Diperbarui: 6 April 2020   18:24 25 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...

The Coronavirus is no doubt one of the most discussed global pandemic of all time. Coronavirus is a type of virus that mainly attacks the respiratory system of a person and is weak to powerful immune system, it is reportedly a virus that has mutated ever since, so its not really a new virus. It all started in Wuhan (because of the awful cleanliness of an exotic animal market that sold bats, etc) and has now spread over more than 200 countries and has made more than a million cases and 70.000 of them are reportedly deaths, thankfully over 260.000 of them have healed.

The reason why people are panicking about it is because nowadays the media and social media is everywhere. A news that is about a pandemic-level virus will surely shake the world, that goes for the Coronavirus. Twitter, Instagram, CNN, etc, all paid tribute to the increase of people paying attention to the news (the good part) and later freaking out (the crazy part). And if we take a look out there, its a freakshow. Unemployment, economy drop, important events halted, panic buying, and many more.  

Same goes for the country we are living in, Indonesia. in total there are more than 2400 reported cases and almost 200 deaths. And the impact we are feeling right now is very ugly, as a whole, our activities are being limited for the moment by the government. But that's for the good if you pay close attention to it, with the limiting of social activities then the spread of the virus is being stopped (social distancing). Then being followed by keeping ourselves clean and hygienic (20 second was hands rule, eating healthy nutritious food, etc.). It might look very effective, and it is.

But the problem is, many of Indonesians are too stubborn to be told. There are still people hanging out together erasing the fact that they were supposed to practice social distancing, there are still people being unhygienic, there are still people taking the virus as a simple thing, there are still people working  on a daily basis (essential worker), and many more. These people are the reason why the numbers keep going up and causing more panic in this country. I wonder why the government is being yelled at while many people like them are actually the supporting causes of the virus to spread and keep rising. These people must be handled ASAP in order to prevent the virus spreading. 

I must say first that the government has done pretty well to fight the coronavirus, with the social distancing, keeping yourselves hygienic and healthy, staying at home, etc, i must say it is effective. But with many people shouting lockdown and stuff, i must say that i have mixed reactions about it. I mean like, why consider lockdown if the things that the government told us to do are pretty effective? If lockdown is being held, then our country's economy might be doomed (rupiah has reached more than 16.000, oh God). 

If our country's economy is ugly, then chain reactions are about to happen (prices rocket up, rarity of some things, etc.), then the tragedy of 1998 may happen again. Everything is just so bad and ugly, I dont even what to say and imagine. Let us know first that all of this is just based on my knowledge and thoughts hehe. But me myself, im dont thoroughly disagree with lockdwon to be honest, I know that some countries have found success with the lockdown thingy.

So, not forgetting about the topic, here are some things that I would do if i became the president of Indonesia to fight the coronavirus:

1. Semi-lockdown:

I know and other people know that lockdown is possibly the clearest option there is for our country, by clearest i mean that everybody is shouting at it and keep oppressing the government for it. But for real, lockdown is super risky and our  country's economy speaks for itself. So what might be done is that the government needs to do a semi-lockdown. What is a semi-lockdown? Here are my thoughts. 

The government needs to ban all travel activities, in and out, and still being open to travel activities related to country's resources (food, raw materials, etc. And of course paying attention to it being free of the virus.) Because our country is still around 70-80% depended to import activities, what a mess. Just take a loom at our Ministry of Defence, we have received over 9 tons of medical aid from China. Semi-lockdown might be the best option.

2. Social distancing and 40 second wash hands rule:

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