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Sepatu Compass X Fxxking Rabbit : Interesting Marketing Strategy

8 Desember 2020   00:04 Diperbarui: 8 Desember 2020   01:47 642 3 0 Mohon Tunggu...
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Sepatu Compass X Fxxking Rabbit : Interesting Marketing Strategy

As you know, advertising is an important thing in marketing a brand today. There are many ways to market a product, for example, such as placing an ad on a banner, giving a promo, giving something away for free, and so on. Well, the more widely the advertisement is spread, the more consumers will know about the brand's existence.

 Just like a compass shoe. Ahead of Indonesia's 75th Anniversary, a local shoe brand, Compass, announced its latest product in collaboration with a well-known Japanese streetwear label, FxxkingRabbits. Through a Twitter tweet on August 15, 2020, the collaboration was declared the first international collaboration undertaken by Compass shoes. This can make the name of the compass shoes increasingly recognized by people from abroad. Likewise, the FxxkingRabbits brand will also be recognized by the Indonesian people. As said by Aji Handoko Purbo, Creative Director of Compass in his personal Instagram upload, on August 4, 2020, "the collaboration was a celebration of the cultural exchange of the two countries and their respective brand identities", he said. And i think the collaboration between SepatuCompass and FxxkingRabbits has a lot to do with their marketing.

What is interesting and very useful for SepatuCompass? It's the advertisement. This ad for FxxkinfRabbits X Compass Shoes is entitled "Tidak Lulus Sensor". I really like the way and the marketing tricks done by this brand both from a creative perspective, the ad placement for this Indonesian shoe brand is very unexpected. This ad from SepatuCompass x FxxkingRabbits really attracts the attention of the local community, as well as adds to the aesthetics of the places for advertising the SepatuCompass X FxxkingRabbits brand. It can be seen from the picture above that Sepatu Compass advertises its advertisement on an MRT in Jakarta, not only on the MRT, but this brand also advertises on several advertising boards that are quite visible to the masses. 

So the conclusion is use our creativity, dare to be different, and have your own characterto be the best at advertising. I think that's all, hopefully useful, and thankyou. KEEP BEING YOURSELF!!!


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