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If I Was The President of Indonesia, What Will I Do to Fight Covid-19?

6 April 2020   17:05 Diperbarui: 6 April 2020   17:26 12 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...

First of all, I would like to disclose that this article was made for a school assignment and all that is written is based on my point of view and it doesn't have any specific reason to criticise the government or the Indonesian citizens in any way possible. i guarantee that everyone in the world know that a new virus has spread accross the globe and becoming a world new pandemic, and it was already get in in indonesia for 5 weeks lately.

If i was the president of indonesia then ill lockdown indonesia and the city with the most casualties in it, in order to suppress the number of victim so that the virus not spread more wider we need to isolate all citizens. to anticipate from what we got from the evaluation results show that a lot of young people and other citizens who do not comply with government programs and are not afraid of the corona virus, I will deploy the entire police force to guard all residents in the house to prevent the spread  o f  excessive casualties. 

And ill make some program to anticipate the number of infected people so that the number of infected wont increase to much. stay at home is one of my program to anticipate the number of infected, that program is created and published so that corona virus wont spread so much. we also make a program to all citizens to not to meet people even it is your relatives to prevent the spread of the corona virus. i also will announce to all citizens not to make contact ith other people and if it was ergent keep your distance around 1 to 2 meters away from each other to prevent the continues spread. 

It was said that the peak of the virus spread is in 12 weeks start from the first victim, 4 / 6 / 2020 is in week 5 and alreaady more than 2000 victim got infected by corona virus, we still got 7 weeks to go. and from what i predicted if we (government) didnt lockdown every city so that no one can go in and out to spread the virus than it will be a very good choice to do a lockdown, even it will make our economy weaker. as we can see that if this  C O V I D - 1 9  pandemi didnt have cure in about 5 more months then we must prepare more fot the worst.

Because economy situation in all  o f  the world is weaker than before,maybe if this pandemi last a year, all around the world will have a big crisis. There are still lot more things that the government can do such as making a regulation that requires all supermarket, malls to provide hand sanitizers, but hand sanitizers and surgical masks are very hard to find. Even though we cannot make any regulations as a citizen, but we can at least do out best to cooperate to the regulations that the government has made so it can work out as they have planned with no problems. And last, wash your hands and drink lots of water. Just stay at home and stay healthy.