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Contoh Naskah Pidato Bahasa Inggris

23 Maret 2013   14:20 Diperbarui: 24 Juni 2015   16:21 1848 0 3

Contoh teks pidato bahasa Inggris - Buat sahabat sekalian yang sedang membutuhkan contoh naskah pidato bahasa Inggris untuk dijadikan sebagai bahan referensi, berikut contohnya.

Bahasa Inggris merupakan bahasa internasional sehingga dalam sejumlah kepentingan kita memang sangat membutuhkan skill bahasa Inggris, seperti untuk membuat surat lamaran kerja bahasa Inggris, komunikasi, dan juga untuk naskah pidato.


Assalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb.

Honorable ones ; the principle of sman 2 kuta, all teachers and administration staff of sman 2 kuta and all my friends in grade xii, x and xi.

First of all, allow us to praise to actually the almighty allah swt, due to his blessing we are able to actually return here, to actually attend a farewell ceremony for our students of sman 2 kuta grade xii within the whole tutorial year 2012-2013. Secondly, may shalawat and salam be upon the prophet muhammad saw who has got guided us direct from darkness straight into the brightness.

Ladies and gentlemen

During this sensible opportunity, i stand here to actually represent all the students of sman 2 kuta grade xii to actually provide a valedictory speech.

Inside the behalf of all students grade xi

Firstly, you can like to mention thank you terribly much for all those the teachers of sman1 kuta who have taught, educated, and guided us ensuring that we could pass the national exam ( un ) successfully. Thank you terribly much specifically for your own personal dedication. We be aware that your recommendation, steering, and motivations have made us higher not merely in thinking but additionally in attitudes. My teacher, we realize we simply can't provide you with any reward. It looks that there could be not only reward will be'>that could be representative our thankfulness specifically for your own personal merit. We is only able to provide you with gratitude and pray. May god repay your kindness. May god continually bless you all.

Secondly, you can like to actually apologize to actually all of one's teachers, administration staffs and all the parts of sman 2 kuta. Please, forgive our mistakes, forgive all the bad things we have done and hopefully we could build our attitudes higher than before.

Thirdly, particularly to actually our younger brothers and sisters in grade x and xi you can like to actually remind you, please keep studying exhausting, obey your teachers’ advises strive to actually be higher than us. And, please pray for those to actually be able to actually continue our study ensuring that someday we can become successful and useful persons involving this country and our society.

Ladies and gentlemen

I believe that’s all my valedictory speech. I'm therefore sorry for all those my wrong words. One last, inside the behalf of students grade xii, once once more, i'd like to mention : forgive us, remember us, pray for those, for our students of sman 2 kuta grade xii tutorial year 2012-2013. Thank you terribly much.

Wassalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.